October 21, 2021

Pioneer Spirit Market

Ignite that pioneering spirit within!

About Pioneer Spirit Market


Welcome to our official website!  Founded by Millie Zeiler, what you will find here is we’re all about promoting the pioneering spirit we know exists within everyone, including you.  And we do this through articles and product lines, all engineered to trigger you and your spirit to express yourself as you see fit.


Word of warning, Millie Zeiler reveals herself as a crazy cat lady!  This shows through her PioKit Designs product line, as well as the sister website is known as Pioneer Kitty Market.


However, don’t let that scare you!  Millie’s portfolio isn’t just limited to cats!  Her life’s portfolio sees much more diversity than that.  You will see this through all the material found within the pages of Pioneer Spirit Market’s website and more.

Pioneering Ahead…

Pioneer Spirit Market encourages the importance of moving forward when it comes to making the most out of life.  This is why Millie aims to reach out to you, a person whom she recognizes has genuine value.  Millie is also a firm believer in the Christian faith.  As Pioneering Spirit Ministries, she reaches out to people who share her passion for what Christianity is all about.


You will discover this within the product line featured within the pages of Pioneer Spirit Market.  She takes her faith in Jesus Christ very seriously, even if perhaps you don’t.  Again, she sees you as a person with value and this means she also sees you with eyes of respect.  She respects your decision to be the best version of whom you think you deserve to be as she knows that’s the pioneering spirit within you that’s demanding to make its voice heard!


In addition to the product lines, Millie works hard to present material with the sole intent to inspire.  Knowing full well the best forms of inspiration comes by igniting the spirit to waken it up, there will always be that push for you to keep moving forward.

Our Vision

Pioneer Spirit Market wants to make this place an ideal site for you, aiming to amuse, inspire and motivate wherever possible.  Through our product line and other sources, our vision is to cater to you.  And, if it’s something you’re looking for we don’t already have, just ask and we will see if we can help customize something to your exact specifications.


Bear in mind, however, because of Millie’s devotion regarding her Christian faith, there are certain product themes she will not engage in and she does this out of principle.  As much as she respects you as a person, it’s also expected that the same level of respect is returned to her.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.  Communication is key to reach a better understanding of, well, everything.


All the best,


Millie Zeiler
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