October 21, 2021

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Air! I Need Air!

Gimme Some Air!

“Air!  I need air!” is likely the quote going on among many while the heatwave of summer continues to break everyone down!  While some are able to handle the high temperatures, others not so much!



Air! I Need Air!Air-Related Health Hazards


The human body can only take so much!  While its overall condition depends entirely on how you treat it, sometimes there are factors that seem beyond your control.  Heatwaves, for example, is one such factor.  And, like its counterpart, cold snaps have the same effect.


When environmental conditions compromise a person’s ability to breathe properly, this will cause certain health issues.  Should such issues go unchecked, it can quickly become a medical nightmare!

Protect Yourself!


Heatwaves drain energy!  Both human beings and members of the animal kingdom can only take so much heat before fatigue kicks in!  That fatigue can easily lead to very serious events such as heat strokes and loss of consciousness, just to name a few!  In extreme cases, even death has been known to serve as the final say to what happens to someone when their body simply can’t take the heat!


Should you feel the heat getting to you, don’t take any chances!  Too many people do this!  Dermatologists often find themselves having to deal with patients who failed to protect themselves properly from the sun’s UV rays (along with other elements).  And, it’s not just surface areas that experience the medical impact of a person’s failure to keep themselves from overheating!


Skin cancer is definitely one of the most serious medical complications a person will encounter should they end up with this!  This particular cancer, like any other, can easily become life-threatening if it isn’t treated for exactly what it is!  Cancer is cancer!  Allow it to go untreated and you’ve got yourself an opportunist that constantly looks for ways to spread itself!

Beyond The Surface


Dermatologists aren’t the only professionals who have to contend with patients who’ve experienced medical issues caused by too much heat and sun intake!


Emergency medical personnel also find themselves scrambling to help individuals who suffer heatstroke! When such a strike hits a person that sends them to the hospital, this can potentially become a fatal impact if there’s absolutely no way they can recover!  This, of course, is extreme!  But, it has happened and more than simply on one occasion!

Air Conditioning


While you may not be able to control the temperature of the sun, you can control how you wish to deal with it!  When at home, between fans and air-conditioning units, that’s one way to have your say how much heat you’re willing to take!


Should you go the route of fans, using them in front of opened windows often adds to its effectiveness in whatever room you want to have cooled down.  And, putting a bucket of ice directly in front of your fan also helps!


As for air-conditioning units, however, opened windows with it running are not advised!  Not only does the opened door or window compromise the efficiency of your air conditioner, but puts it at risk to experience a breakdown!


I can vouch for personal experience on the matter, both at home and at work!  At home, I went through two air-conditioning units as I honestly didn’t know better at the time.


At work, fellow coworkers had their windows opened while the air-conditioning unit was on.  The owner of the job site at one point couldn’t understand why his big air-conditioning unit was always having issues until the matter was explained to him!

 Wasting Money!


With doors and windows open while the air conditioning unit is on causes the compressor to continue running.  The cold air it’s trying to produce runs into conflict with the hot air coming in from outside!  Because of this, the conditioner’s ability to run normally is compromised!  Instead of being able to shift to normal mode, it will continually run in cycle mode!


And, because the air-conditioning unit is working way more than it should, this speeds up the wear and tear of all its mechanical components!  This is where you see bearings wear out and motors blow!


Between replacing machine parts, or simply getting another air conditioning unit is not cheap!  And, if this is being done more often than it needs to be, you are literally blowing your money into the air for no good reason!


Oh, and don’t forget about that electric bill!  This all adds up!

Save Your Air (And Money)!


Do you have an air conditioner?  If yes, then definitely avoid the mistakes I (and my old boss) made!  Should you have a unit that sits in place of a window, that’s the only one that should be kept open!  Everything else you need to keep closed!


Now, if you prefer fresh air as opposed to what comes from a machine, then definitely open up all those windows if you can!  If you have a fan you can park in front of them, great!  If not, here’s hoping the air doesn’t get so stifling hot that you can’t breathe!


Air conditioning units these days are way less expensive than when they first came out!  In my humble opinion, everybody would be wise to have one!  Shown below are a few I would recommend.  What I’m recommending are those that have a proven track record of efficiency!  (And yes, budget considerations are also being taken into account here!)



Just because it says portable, don’t let that tag fool you!  The best of the best have proven to be nothing short of, well, cool!  Oh, and awesome, too!  Some portables are great because you can take them anywhere and put them anywhere!  Going somewhere you know doesn’t have a/c?  Bring the portable with you!  Don’t compromise your comfort level because of simple demographics!  Such portables, like the two listed below, are ideal for such occasions!


Artic Air Pure Chill
Rated #1!

Ontel Arctic Air Pure Chill Evaporative Ultra-Portable Personal Air Cooler with 4-Speed Air Vent is compact enough where you can take it anywhere with you!  If you’re only interested in controlling the air quality of the room you’re in, this works!  (Click the pic or highlighted text for full details about this product!)


(I can personally vouch this particular product is awesome!  For something so small being able to do so much, you definitely get more bang for your buck with this!)



ChillBox Portable AC with Tank, USB Portable 3-Speed Mode Fan Rapid Cooling Personal Mini AC is ideal for that one room that needs it!  This cool little powerhouse is ranked #2 according to overall customer reviews, but #1 among those with a slightly more flexible budget!  There’s actually way more to this little gadget than meets the eye!  (Again, click on the pic or highlighted text for full detail on this product!)

Some portables, however, are somewhat larger!  Unlike the desktop versions, these are floor versions!  They do the job they’re designed to do!


Whynter ARC-14S
Rated #1!

Honeywell CS19XEPersonally speaking, the CS10XE model from Honeywell is an awesome portable evaporative air cooler!  Its value speaks for itself with its sleek design to help compliment the floor space it takes up!  For more information about this particular product, definitely click either on the pic or the highlighted text!


However, if cost is no object to you, the best currently on the market is Whynter’s Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner!  To learn more about its details, go check out why they’re rated as the top product of their kind at this time!

Central Air Conditioners


For a more permanent fixture where air conditioning units are concerned, centralized air conditioners are the ticket!  But, before you go there, make sure you find the right air conditioning unit for your home!  From room to room, you need to be sure your investment doesn’t blow clean out the window!


Mostly fitting within the frame of a window, these units definitely play their role in taking away the unpleasantness of an environment too sweaty for your liking!


LG LW6017R

The LG LW6017R Air Conditioner Unit has near-perfect ratings by more than just a tiny handful of people!  That speaks volumes!  This is ideal for something room-specific.


Many motels typically carry air conditioners similar to what’s seen here!  They’re ideal because they don’t take up what’s typically limited floor space.  They do, however, fit like a window, so it does take away a bit of a view!  But, that’s a small price to pay just to stay cool, right?

HVAC Centralized Air Conditioning


American Standard comes out on top as a favored centralized air conditioner system for a reason!  The cost for their units starts at $1300.


Another is Lennox!  In fact, Lennox is consistently ranked #1 in the SEER rating.  (SEER = Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio)  Their premium unit is very expensive upon installation!  However, the running costs are considerably lower.  So, in the interest of financial benefits to match the healthy air benefits, the investment choice is up to you!

HVAC is an acronym for Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning.


When installed and maintained properly, the HVAC units have the best versatility rating compared to the units previously mentioned!  While the others seem more room-focused, HVAC’s truly set the standard when it comes to full coverage of the entire building!  These are typically the units of choice by homes and businesses who need to do more than simply control the airflow of a room or two!


Goodman GSX140241 (2 Ton, 14 Seer)
Ranked #1 in overall performance!

Goodman Central Air Conditioners also presents very good air conditioning units!  They consistently come out with a quality product that is decently priced, matching just about every budget frame possible!  Personally speaking, that’s my brand of choice when it comes to the bigger HVAC units!


They’re a personal favorite because with them it feels like you’re paying more for the product than the name.  Now, don’t get me wrong!  I don’t mean to suggest companies like American Standard and Lennox are over-priced!  In reality, the price tags charged for their products are justified!


But, for overall performance, many credible air conditioner experts are in agreement that Goodman is the best product in value!

Clearing The Air


Nothing beats fresh air!  However, when that air is so hot that it’s barely breathable, then one needs to take matters into their own hands to beat the heat!  Air conditioning units are the way to go if you want a steady flow of cool!


Oscillating fans are good, but there’s a reason why air conditioning units are often favored over them!  On average, there’s more power and consistency stemming from a unit where its purpose is to literally condition the air!  Fans do what fans are supposed to do, which is blow air!  However, those fans are only as effective as the quality of air it has to work with!


Air conditioning units typically do more.  While they also blow air, the method used makes its effectiveness more widespread.  Overall, especially when it’s too hot for comfort, those air conditioners have proven to be the favored method to beat that heat!

Curious how they work?  Illustrated below gives a basic breakdown of how a typical air conditioning unit functions;

Air Matters


Being able to breathe without restrictions of any kind is what your body demands for the sake of its own health!  That steady flow of 78% nitrogen and 22% oxygen is a fundamental need, not a luxury!  The easier you are able to breathe in and out that air, the better!  And, if it boils down to requiring an air conditioning unit to be able to do so, then so be it!

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