October 21, 2021

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As It Is Written! (By Somebody Else)

It Is Written! (By Somebody Else)

At A Loss For Words?

So, you either run or want to run a website loaded with content that has “WOW!” written all over it!  Perhaps you want that biblical “as it is written!” feel to what you want to display, but need this done by somebody else.  If this is you, then you’re not alone in this regard!


Having It Written By Somebody Else

Truth be told, there’s a service for everything.  Yes, everybody has something to sell!  This is no different when it comes to hiring a writer to do for you what can’t be done yourself.


Assuming the role as an employer, you can go on the hunt to hire a writer (or team of writers) to do all the writing for you.  Politicians do this when they need someone to write out their campaign speeches and press conferences.


Not Everybody Is A Writer!

Remembering the days of school, one common issue among my fellow students shared was how uncomfortable most of them were when it came to writing book reports, essays, poetry, and short stories.  There was only a tiny handful of us that enjoyed doing these types of written work!


Hobby Writer

While attending junior high school, one hobby I took up was creative writing.  I recall, clean through the ninth grade, writing out a novel where all my classmates were part of a character cast I made up.  The content revolved around a summer camp that was loaded with comical situations, all brought about by situations I’d whip up at a moment’s notice!


The little novel did well, but I never took that step to publish it.  I remember keeping it for a short while, but it is now long gone, as well as the memory of the content that was in it.  My ninth grade took place during the year 1984.  As I write this article, it’s 2021 now.  Um, yeah, some time has passed since last writing in that book!


Writer's BlockWriter’s Block

Like myself, there are a number of people who have ventured into writing as a hobby.  As you can see, I made the most out of mine these days by blogging.  It’s the closest thing to professionalism as it gets where my little writing career goes!


However, for others, they’ve definitely taken what is considered a hobby among some into a full-blown career that goes well beyond the notch of hobbyist!


But, even among the most talented writers on the planet, there’s a little condition known as writer’s block that has been known to creep in from time to time and put the creative mind into a rut.  For some, this is merely a brief issue that passes almost as quickly as it arrived.  However, for others, they remain figuratively speechless.


Are You Speechless?

Classified as a writer or not, do you ever find yourself in a position where you’d love nothing more than to come up with something that has substantiality to it?  If the answer to that is yes, then you’re not alone!


Network Of Writers

Just on the internet alone, there’s a growing supply and demand of writers-for-hire to cover everything from little advertisements to novel-sized material!  Depending entirely on what you’re looking for, you can get yourself a writer to do for you that you’re unable to do for yourself!


Now, I can go into a lengthy list of all the many different writing networks I know of that offer quality service for your money.  However, the preference to list my top three choices is the route I’m going.


And they are;

Quality Writers NetworkQuality Writers Network – They are new, but they are one of the extreme few who put people before mere profit!  While they do post a pricing list, they only do this as a ground for you to work with.  And, they prefer to keep things simple!  They’re only interested in writing ads, articles, blogs, cover letters, reports, and resumes for you.  Anything beyond that and they will route you to whom they recommend.  This is because they’re still a very small company (3 writers so far) and don’t want to compromise quality service just to make a buck!


HireWriters.comHire Writers – This is where you want to go for literally anything and everything to do your writing needs!  Its network has a large collection of writers with various writing levels.  This comes in handy for those who are in the market for a much broader base of written material needs.


Hey, if you happen to be a writer too, then this may be a good place for you to get your name in and access their database of people who are looking for writers!  You do have to climb the ranks, though, and the earnings as a writer at the beginner’s level are very low!  But, like any other job, you have to prove you can do it!  The more jobs you take in and succeed at, the higher you climb the ranks so you can access better-paying assignments.  (As well as more frequent ones too!)


UpWorkUpwork – Formerly known as O Work, this is a community that connects content creators (writers) with a clientele base that needs their services.  Should you be in need of a writer, you can place your needs like you place a typical job advertisement at an employment site.


Should you be a writer that’s looking for work that matches your skills, then you apply towards a posting with a proposal you hope gets you hired.


So It Is Written

Whatever project you have going that requires content creators who know how to write, make sure you pick someone who is willing to work with you.  There is a multitude of content writing services that you can easily discover on Google, but the collection of quality content writers that actually care about their clients every bit as much as their business is a much shorter list!


Make sure you do your homework!  Anything less than this and you will literally write out a recipe for disaster that may prove to cause more than just a little belly ache where your project is concerned!

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