October 21, 2021

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Attention Shoppers!

Attention Shoppers!

Attention Shoppers!Let’s Go Shopping!

People are curious creatures!  They love to shop!  Do you?  I know I do!  Like cats perking their ears, the moment we hear “attention shoppers” we react!


Ecommerce has become more commonplace among the people who have resorted to satisfying their shopping needs.  Thanks to COVID-19, the year 2020 saw a skyrocketing surge of shoppers who relied on the internet as their primary source for finding whatever it is they’re looking for.  And, 2021 is showing there’s no sign of this particular trend slowing down.

Ecommerce Explosion

Just like stores competing against each other for business, so are e-commerce sites.  The internet has become the new hub for shopaholics!  This has become especially true since COVID-19 and the restrictions both medical and political authorities placed upon the people as a means to control the pandemic outbreak.  What an increase of people is realizing is how convenient it truly is to shop online as opposed to going to some retail outlet.  With the social distancing protocols, plus lockdowns and mask mandates, the rise of people shopping (and socializing) online was imminent.


What was imposed upon the people was stressful!  COVID-19’s ramifications have forever changed the dynamics of how people live their lives.  There is no going back, no matter how hard many will try to do so!  Normalcy as we knew it is gone and it will never return as it was.  We have a new normal now, like it or not.


That new normal includes how we, as a people, shop.  The new normal has also seen a surge of employers and workers forced out of work due to the lockdowns and restrictions.  This, as a result, saw some of them re-invent themselves.  Among those with the enterprising spirit, they sought to get into the promise of opening up their own online shop.  So, we now see an explosion of sites that are e-commerce based.

Ecommerce Competition

Just as the explosion of retail outlets and shopping malls catered to the shopping public like never before, so has e-commerce sites!  Who here has never heard of Amazon?  How about Shopify?  Etsy?  eBay?  These are just a few of the giants that seem to hog the Google spotlight!  There are so many, and that list continues to grow!


A growing number of enterprising startups want to be the next Amazon.  Does anybody remember how Amazon got started?  They were just a little bookstore once upon a time!  Now, look at them!  Like Amazon or not, they have established themselves as the ultimate “go-to” place when it comes to doing any form of e-commerce.  Regardless if you’re a buyer or seller, Amazon seems to be the “it” place when it comes to shopping on the internet.


However, they’re not the only “it” in the business!  With the public demand to shop online showing no sign of slowing down, more businesses are resorting to the world wide web to reach as many customers as they possibly can.  Ecommerce competition has indeed become more intense than ever before!  However, just as it is among stores within shopping centers, it’s not how many shops are there competing against each other that matters.  It’s how they each go about it that does.

Standing Out

With what feels like a shark-infested pool of e-commerce sites that are chomping at the micro-bits, sometimes it seems too overwhelming for a startup within the same industry to find a niche that will make them stand out from the crowd.  How does one do that?  How can you stand out well enough for people to look at you instead of your competitors?


Yes, you can come up with your own unique product that nobody else has.  However, you need to be able to draw enough attention to you that matters.  This isn’t always so easy to do, especially if your advertising dollar is unable to afford the kind of paid ads giants like Amazon and Shopify can.  Even if you opted for the organic (free) traffic option, you need to be able to win over an audience.  And, if it’s organic traffic, this means it’s typically social media sites and/or blog posts.


Now, if you’re anything like me, the bulk of your organic traffic is mostly family, friends, and closest associates with whom you maintain contact with.  Through sites like Facebook and similar, your starting audience is limited.  Furthermore, even as you come up with your awesome new business that has its own website and share it, odds are you’ll get more likes than actual visits to it.  And, of those who visit, it’s maybe a glance and nothing more.  Family and friends are awesome, but as quoted in Mark 6:4;


“But Jesus said unto them, A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house.


Okay, so you’re not a biblical prophet, but you are someone who is standing out in your own way as your own self.  Even among those closest to you, they may not take you, nor your business pursuit seriously.  Those closest to you will always be your hardest audience to win.


The bottom line, you need a new audience!  This can only be achieved by branching out and venture into uncharted territory.

Make New Friends!

How was school for you?  Was it an event you looked forward to at the end of each summer?  Or, was it a nightmare?  How excited were you at the possibility of meeting new friends?


Believe it or not, the kind of experience you had in school is no different than the experience you go through running an e-commerce site.  Adventurous spirit or not, when you’re venturing into a new chapter within your life it is an experience.  How you adjust to it is up to you, but don’t ever be shy to run out and meet new friends!


Oh, and by no means abandon your old ones!  Oddly enough, as you carve your way as a serious contender within the expansive world of e-commerce, those who perhaps did a “ho-hum” when you first showed them what you’re doing will now sit up and take notice!  They will see the new you!

Watch For Sharks!

However, the first thing you need to do is pay no attention to those e-commerce sharks.  In truth, the more they swarm around to devour any form of competition, the more they actually hurt themselves in the long run.  In fact, even conglomerates like Amazon are now experiencing “growth issues” that parallels the rise and fall of the great Roman Empire.  Now, I’m not saying Amazon is on the way out, but it proves not even Amazon is invincible!  They may be the “it” place for many shoppers, but if you stay true to yourself and learn from those who’ve learned a thing or two from Amazon’s success formula, then you can very easily become the “go-to” place for the shopping audience you wish to reach.


But you can’t do this on your own!  You need guidance from those who already have honest success stories they can share with you I know will help.  I know because I’m there!  Now, I’m not out to clutter this post with a whack of links, but am going to share a few whom I’ve regarded to be the best friends ever when it comes to doing more than just getting my foot in the door as an e-commerce contender that isn’t fooling around.


Human beings are the best network on the planet!  Regardless of the methods, we have the ability to use any given network in our favor.  So let’s do exactly what we’ve set out to do!  I hadn’t done this as I was too stubborn to go there, but experience has taught me otherwise.  Now, I’ll be honest here.  What I’m still doing between here and my sister site is still a work in progress.  However, I’m opting to be cool and simply focus on what’s always mattered most to me.  And that’s on a community of people who are more than willing to ignite that pioneering spirit within them I know is there!


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