January 20, 2022

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Best Influencers for 2022

2021 is almost over and 2022 is fast approaching.  While the influence of 2021 will no doubt carry into 2022, the new year promises to add become just as influential.  This competition also includes who will become the best influencers to use for 2022.

Influencer sites offer companies and entrepreneurs a convenient platform to boost their brand’s presence and access new markets without much hustle. Influencer sites are designed to promote marketing campaigns by influencing new clients or existing customers to incline more towards a brand or product. The influencer sites offer brands essential tools and databases using innovative algorithms to achieve the desired results.

While some agencies and brands prefer using celebrities as their influencer tools, sites offer better results as they access a broader marketing niche. However, it’s essential to vet influencers before creating your list of best influencers to take up your tasks. Ideally, settle for influencer sites that offer public relations, third-party analytics, campaign management, and SEO content optimization.  It is all about getting noticed, you know.

What’s An Influencer Platform?

An influencer platform is simply a software solution that comes in handy when executing a well-oiled marketing campaign for a product or brand. The solutions help companies gain more popularity and conquer new markets while maintaining their existing niche.

Influencer Sites – What To Look For

Best influencers for 2022

Since the internet is full of influencer sites, it’s hard to pick a reliable influencer for your brand. All influencer sites are likely to promise you excellent results, but not all of them can deliver on their promises!

It would be best to select a genuine influencer platform that will conduct a spirited campaign for your brand. The platform should help you access influencers with ease and help you grow your marketing niche. If an influencer platform does not allow you to achieve this, don’t choose it!

Instead, invest in a platform that offers you additional services such as native advertising campaigns and tracking results of the marketing strategy plan. Also, check if the platform helps you manage the influencer’s content. If the venue can accomplish all this and according to your budget, it’s a good option for your brand.

Best Influencer Sources for 2022


Here is a diverse and reliable influence platform with vast experience and an influencer marketing network for your brand. The site’s specialty is sourcing reliable and versatile influencers with a huge following. The influencers range from minor celebrities with millions of followers, micro-influencers and huge influencers with tens of millions of followers.

Their flexibility helps their customers choose the most suitable package for their product. In contrast, some influencer platforms are mere databases with unverified contacts.

Besides, it offers additional tools to facilitate a smooth payment process and messaging tools to interact with clients directly. Once you choose to work with Intellifluence, you do not need external tools to regulate and manage your marketing campaigns. The platform does not require minimum budgets, lengthy commitments, or offer complicated terms and conditions.


Influence offers a user-friendly interface with stunning influencer marketing solutions for your brand. It provides the best end-to-end campaign execution. The platform offers one of the most extensive and most reliable databases with over 70m influencers.

Influencity offers accurate analysis to help agencies and brands across the globe to conduct authentic and fruitful marketing campaigns. It has its presence in over 35 countries dotted around the world. Their movements are guided by accurate data guaranteeing the desired results.

One of its key strengths is relying on influencer analysis and cutting-edge tools to ensure their clients benefit from working with the best influencers and strategies. Their innovative techniques help in detecting fake followers and checking other influences’ to guarantee successful marketing campaigns.

They also offer competitive prices to agencies and brands to ensure their customers get value for their money. Influence is a crucial ingredient in your journey to make your business succeed.

Fourstarzz Media

Here is an influencer platform that is best suited for small and medium-sized enterprises! Their key strength is working with micro and non-influencers.

Fourstarzz Media’s unique feature is allowing unlimited access to over 70k pre-qualified influencer profiles. Every influencer has a detailed report that comprises audience details such as location, gender, and age.  The information includes a quality rating analysis that covers their past campaigns and their results.

The first fitter technique relies on language, demographics, ease of reach, interests, location, and price estimates. Fourstarzz Media allows searches based on hashtags, brand affiliation, and keyword searches focusing on bio information. This way you can control campaign progress using the site’s app.


Here is an efficient influencer platform whose fundamental proposition is influencer authenticity and efficiency. It offers a robust network of micro-influencers, some having as low as 5k followers and macro-influencers. The platform provides everything they need to drive their brand helps you measure an influencer’s performance.

The platform offers a user-friendly interface making it easy to navigate your way around and sourcing for the perfect influencers, contacting them, and creating a fruitful relationship.


HypeAuditor was launched in 2017 to identify and eliminate fakes followers for influencers. The engagement auditor has since ventured into offering the most reliable influencer platform with accurate campaign results.

HypeAuditor uses unique techniques to process company data and influencer contacts, ensuring they link you with the perfect influencer for your brand. Their discovery tool is reliable and authentic and resonates well with your marketing campaign goals and brand values. Using the platform, you can launch an influencer campaign, track its performance gain the expected results.


Neoreach is a stunning influencer platform that prides itself on an elite database comprising of 3 million micro-influencers.

Renowned international enterprises such Tik-Tok, Airbnb, Walmart, and Amazon, use Neoreach in their influencer marketing campaigns. That gives a glitch of how reliable and robust the platform is in delivering its influencer campaign pledge. Its precision analytics and management techniques have earned its name among the most reliable influencer platforms.

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