Sad Black Cat

For the love of black cats, please don’t judge them simply by the color of their fur!  Just as people don’t deserve to be judged for their skin color, nor should any animal have to experience this exact same thing!   Did you know Halloween is the worst time of year for any animal that […]

Beefy Stew

Beefy Bite Stew (For Cat, Dog, and/or You!) A little story before I get into the stew recipe…   Since breaking away from buying commercial pet food for my dog, Zeus, there has been a dramatic improvement in his overall health!  While hubby and I always regarded Zeus as healthy, I wanted to make sure […]

No, Not The Couch!

Hey, Don’t Scratch The Couch! Speaking as a bonafide member of the Crazy Cat Lady Club, I can testify how it’s a constant struggle to keep the kitties away from scratching the couch, as well as the rest of the furniture!       Don’t Declaw! There are still people who believe it is okay […]

Good Dog! Have a Cookie!

Here, Have A Cookie! So, you have a good dog and you reward it with a cookie from time to time!  My question here is how much of a reward is it?  Is it as healthy as it is tasty?   Commercial Cookie Conflict? Like all commercially made products, sometimes consumers aren’t so sure what […]