January 23, 2022

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Christmas Advent Calendars

Christmas advent calendars have become almost as much a staple as the trees and gifts themselves!  As a kid, I recall my December months featuring 24 days of “what’s behind the panel” while going through this special calendar until the big day came.


Now, as a kid, when I outgrew the “ooh ahh” of the standard advent calendars, it donned on me why not something for adults?

Adventures With Advent Calendars

And you know what?  After I realized advent calendars can be more than just chocolates, it also registered it doesn’t have to be for just Christmas either!


One fun thing I did was a 24-day calendar for the month of January for my best friend, whose birthday fell on January 24th.  Instead of going Christmas theme, I simply went winter-themed.  That was fun!  Instead of chocolates, I switched it up with some random items that were small enough to fit into a little box.

Getting Creative

At the time, my best friend was also my roommate, so it was easy to keep watch to make sure she didn’t cheat.  Also, at the time, all I did was grab a jewelry case that had 24 slots in it and stuck and stuck tiny wrapped boxes that would properly fit inside each one.  On the top of each box, I would label a number, going from 1 until 24.


It was fun seeing her face when I presented the case on a shelf in the living room and announced “Happy New Year!”  Because, well, the countdown began the moment the countdown to New Year’s Day was over!


From January 1st until January 24th, we had the morning coffee ritual where she’d come out of her bedroom and I would come out of mine.  We’d meet at the shelf of the living room and she would pick the little box that corresponds with the date.  Each morning it was something different.

Amazon Jewelry Box

Controlling Costs

Believe it or not, the price range between the gifts was something as little as 50 cents to as much as $5!  It varied until January 24th hit where I had the “big prize” she was forced to wait for until its unveiling that day.


Already with the jewelry box that was her first gift.  And I knew already she’d make good use of it because she had lots of random jewelry that needed proper storage.  So in this regard, I already got one key gift out of the way.

The Big Day

Now, you see how small those little boxes are in that jewelry case, right?  I didn’t have much room to work with something like this, but at the timing, it worked.  Between little bags of candies, miniature chocolate bars, and the odd trinket it worked.


And, of course, I save the best for last, the 24th!  Well, it’s a small box so I had to think of something.  What I wound up doing was taking a $20 bill and wrapped it around a gold chain necklace.  The $20 bill itself was wrapped up so she had no idea what was in store for her until the final day of the advent calendar!

My Turn

The funny part about what was done is she took my idea and returned the favor when it was my turn.  My birthday falls on July 24th.  Now, the jewelry box was clearly out of the question as that was hers!  What she did was what you see as a (clickable) pic to the right.


She had more room to work with than I did, but also kept the budget pretty cheap as the odd slot had a wrapped up chocolate bar while another may have a lottery ticket inside.  (See the possibilities?)


She was a sneaky thing!  She only had one of these displayed while the other one was hidden in her room somewhere.  And, as a personal rule, we didn’t go into each other’s bedrooms!  When the first 12 were done, the rack was replaced and handed to me before she installed the second one.


My big day was deceptive as it was one of those After Eight chocolate boxes.  When I opened that, inside were a pair of tickets to what wound up becoming one of the last concerts the Eagles held before Glen Frey died from cancer.

Advent Adventures

Today, as advent calendars seem to be getting more popular and more people are catching on you can have fun with them, this may be a cool idea for Christmas if you’re looking to take a step away from the ordinary.


Face it, we’re all kids!  Age is merely a number and nothing more!  If you’re looking for some cool Christmas Advent Calendar ideas, check these out!  (If you want one, just click on the pic you like most and I can get you one.  Or, if you prefer visit THIS LINK to the page that has them all!)

 Christmas advent calendars


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