October 21, 2021

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Education Matters

Education Does Matter!

To succeed in anything, whether it be in business or daily life routines, one needs to be properly educated!  Without that education, all you do is go in circles!  You won’t last long like this!  You will exhaust yourself!


Within this page, you will find sources of educational material that should help you succeed at whatever you’re doing, at least from a business person’s point of view.  If you’re seeking spiritual education, head over to THIS LINK to get started on that journey.  That, along with all the posts within the Spiritual Matters Category, will help you in that regard.

Too many experience this!

Back To Business!

But here, it’s all about the business of education!


Did you know that not more than 10 percent of new business formations actually succeed?  At least 90% of new businesses fail to move beyond their initial startup stage!


And, the primary reason for that is the failure to achieve enough knowledge to avoid making costly mistakes!

Affiliate University

There are scores of affiliate programs, each with its own platforms as a means to help newcomers succeed at their chosen venture.  While many are indeed good at what they do, only a few actually keep up to date with today’s times.


Wealthy Affiliate is one such program that keeps up to date.  The same cannot be said for many others, including among those who claim to be best among the best!  I won’t go into names as to who they are, but if you do enough homework on the matter it’s not hard to do the math!


The best universities not just excel in their teaching platforms, but in the communities built within!  The “wiz kids” within Wealthy Affiliate behave just the same as top university students!  They will share with you recipes of success they’ve personally exercised to get them where they are.  Now, for some, it will work in a way that may not work with you.  But, there’s a sure bet you will encounter someone who is just like you!


Because of WA’s diversity, that “twin” of yours will be able to connect with you in a buddy system that will definitely catapult you from ground zero!  You, however, must go with the formulas that work!  Failure to do this only causes you to stumble over your own feet!  At this point, you will only have yourself to blame!


Education Matters @ Wealthy Affiliate University

Affiliation Association

Affiliate and Internet Marketing Research
Looking for something? Look here!

Try saying that ten times without stumbling!  C’mon, I dare you!


Okay, all kidding aside, associating yourself with successful affiliates will definitely help you inch closer to whatever business goals you seek.  Flat out, people need people!  This has always been the case and it will always be the case!  Don’t kid yourself into thinking you can “go on your own” when, in truth, that success ladder is a lengthy, tiresome climb as it is!  Should you miss your step, you will fall!  However, if there’s someone there who can help you, that fall won’t be so catastrophic!


Assuming you’re smart enough to hook up with Wealthy Affiliate at this point, you will find yourself exposed to more than just an educating experience.  You will find resources unmatched anywhere else!  Where other similar “universities” attempt to make the most out of affiliation associations, Wealthy Affiliate excels in this regard!


For example, take a good look at Jaaxy!  This is truly a remarkable source of research information needed to succeed at more than just business ventures!

Grammer Matters!How’s Your Grammar?  Spelling?  Vocabulary?

If you want potential customers to look at your business’s website seriously, you need to be ideally presentable!  Nothing says “goodbye” faster than poor spelling and grammar!  The most common mistake made by anyone in business is failing to use proper spelling and grammar in their content!  Even if you have the best product ever created, if you present material that lacks the appearance of professionally put-together content, you will not get the conversions you seek!


Flat out, people will not take you seriously!  Even when it’s not business-related, if there’s visual material that has poor grammar, matched with poor spelling, the reader will instantly lose interest and move on!


In this regard, Grammarly can help you avoid this very costly mistake!  These people (and their program) do so much more than the title suggests!  They also help with punctuation and spelling issues!  That, plus vocabulary usage and citation suggestions, provide valuable assistance where it’s needed.

Research!  Research!  Research!

We can’t possibly stress doing the math enough!  The biggest reason why failure exists is that not enough research is performed when it’s needed!  Even if you feel you don’t need it, do it anyway!  In truth, the biggest reason why too many people fail to do research is that they make the false assumption they know enough already.  I know, without a doubt here, that they are 100% in the wrong!  And, until they kick this element of pride that’s holding them down to the curb, they will never move more than a single step beyond their starting gate!


And even if you feel you’ve done enough research, do more!  The most successful people at anything they do always reference and cross-reference absolutely everything that comes their way!  If you want to be among what’s only four percent of the global population, then this is a practice you must do as well!  The “know it all” assumption will not get you anywhere!  If you’re anything like me, you have very little tolerance when it comes to dealing with know-it-alls who, in truth, know nothing!


Now, what type of research are you looking to do?  If it’s for business, then Wealthy Affiliate is where you need to go.  I know personally the accuracy and effectiveness of what that particular route of reference has actually accomplished!  And no, I’m not just speaking as a “zealot” as many may choose to think!  I speak from experience!


Using all the research material from “Wealthy Affiliate University” is your best route to go when it boils down to making informed decisions that can work in your favor!

Conclusive Evidence

If you don’t want your business to perish, then you need to involve yourself in an educational program that works best for you!  You honestly cannot afford to do otherwise!  Don’t make the same mistakes I’ve previously made where all you do is go in circles.  You will get dizzy and you will tire yourself out!


Knowledge is key!  How you go about it is your business, but I just provided you information here that can help you achieve that.  The rest is up to you!