October 21, 2021

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Express Your Spirit

Express Your Spirit!

Express Your Spirit – Introduction

No two people are created exactly alike!  Ancestral genetics plays a key factor in summing up how each of us comes into being!  This goes from the stages of a newborn to what we are now!  How you express your spirit lays out the roadmap as you go through your life’s journey!


This is something we all have in common!  The differences in color pigmentations, body shapes, and sizes are irrelevant here!


Another thing we all have in common as human beings are we have spirit.  This is what brings each of us from a lump of bone and flesh to life.  Without spirit, life simply would not exist.  I would not be here, nor would you be here, as it’s the spirit that keeps the heart pumping and the blood flowing.  This is one thing every person has in common.  The only thing that really sets each person apart from each other as individuals are how you treat and express your spirit according to the lifestyle choices you make for yourself.

Birth Of Spirit

From the day we are born, we are introduced to a variety of life experiences that shape who we are at an individual level.  This is what sets you apart from everyone else, including even those closest to you that may seem to have the most in common with you.  Even twin siblings that are identical to each other in appearance will never be identical to each other by spirit.  Of all the twins I’ve personally met in my own lifetime, I’ve observed there’s always one twin that is more spiritually expressive than the other.  While one may be a wild party animal, the other may be more inclined to stay at home and keep their nose in the books.


Your spirit defines who you are, but sometimes it doesn’t always seem so simple as we live in a world that’s loaded with distractions, opposing opinions, and other obstacles that all too often make it difficult for a human being to truly identify with who they really are.  Despite all the material offered by so-called experts, nobody can actually tell you how to work with your spirit in such a manner where it will benefit you as a person overall.

Identifying Your Spirit

In truth, nobody can identify your spirit better than you.  There’s not a single psychologist on the planet that can honestly sit with you and tell you how to communicate with your spirit in such a manner where you become the finest tuned machine a human being could possibly be.  Sure, they can perhaps offer a bit of guidance to help you find a way to identify with your spirit, but you’re the only one traveling the road of your personal life journey and it’s only you that can truly carve what sort of path you want to be on as a person.


Now, speaking as a Christian, I can easily go into telling you all about the benefits of following Jesus Christ and believing in everything he (and his disciples) have taught us about Christianity.  However, this would be futile.  All I can really tell you regarding this particular subject matter would be to pick up the Holy Bible and start reading with an open mind and an open heart.  Whether or not you’d actually do that is up to you.  Flat out, I can’t tell you what to do!


I can, however, share my personal experience that the more you tap into your spirit without anybody giving you their brand of instructions the better off you will be.  The ability to identify with your spirit won’t come from yoga either.  Yoga, just like every other form of meditative practice, is nothing more than an escape from actually going face to face with who you really are and truly identifying the spirit that’s within you.


In truth, the best method to identify with your spirit is to figure out who you really are come by leading as simple of a life as possible that works best for you.  Granted, the harsh conditions this world has hurled at each of us doesn’t make it any easier, but we only make it as complicated as we choose to be.  Believe it or not, that spirit within you can’t stand complicated!  It prefers simplicity because it’s less distracting.


Yes, this is key to identifying your spirit and what really makes it tick.  The bottom line, keep calm and pay attention to what your spirit is trying to tell you.

Channeling Your Spirit

As mentioned previously, yoga is not the answer to identify, nor even channel your spirit.  While many believe it’s a helpful practice, just as many have drawn to conclusions yoga only channels what we’re programmed to channel, and quite often the help we think we’re receiving from that particular practice proves to be more of a hindrance.  I know I have experienced this personally and will never go near such a practice again.


Now, if you have a different experience and opinion about yoga that’s fine.  In fact, this split of opinion alone illustrates how we each have our own spirit that offers more definition as to who we really are and how we differ from each other.  You and I may share the same eye color, hair color, skin color, and even religious beliefs – but you and I will never share the exact same spirit.


The spirit within is what makes each of us unique from each other.  As mentioned previously, communicating with our spirit is essential to better understand it.  The better the understanding, the better we’re able to identify with ourselves who we really are and how we wish to express ourselves.


Notice how the most successful marriages all share the same story that communication proved to be a key part in their ability to remain as a couple through the test of time?  The most common discovery made among failed relationships, regardless if it’s a marriage or business partnership, is the failure to reach a mutual understanding through communication.  While it’s perfectly normal for two different people to agree to disagree in some arguments, it’s not normal to completely withdraw and become unreachable.

Channel Keys

The key to channeling your spirit is to simply let go and relax.  Seems easier to say it than do it, right?  Oddly enough, it isn’t.  The trick is to simply breathe and realize the control freak mentality to control absolutely everything that goes on in your life, no matter what it is, is futile.  It’s a waste of time, energy, and spirit.


There, see?  I said it.  Spirit!  The more you aim to control absolutely everything the more out of touch you become with your spirit.  In the process, you’re wasting time and energy on matters that will never resolve themselves for as long as you refuse to take a breather and listen to what your spirit is trying to tell you.


Do you feel tired all the time?  That’s because your spirit is telling you to relax!  Do you feel sick all the time?  That’s because your spirit is trying to tell you that you’re allowing whatever is stressing you out in life to drag you down!


Your spirit is communicating with you all the time, but if you close off the channels by allowing the distractions of this world to get to you, then there’s an impasse that will ultimately lead to a divorce between your physical self from your spiritual self.


And this is toxic!  This is what all too often ends a person’s spark to live their life as God intended.  Yes, I’m putting God into the equation here because, believer or not, the one that created you did not want you to live your life in a dulled-down state!  Your spirit is what makes you alive and if you’re not channeling more of your energy to communicate with that, then the lifeline between you two weakens.  The end result will be losing yourself into some empty abyss where at that point you’re no longer living.  At that point, you’re merely existing.

Spiritual Lifeline

Don’t simply exist!  Live!  Channel yourself to get to communicate with your spirit.  This means taking the time, even if it’s just five minutes in the bathroom as you take a shower, to simply listen to what it’s trying to tell you.  If it’s telling you to relax, then relax.  If it’s telling you to stop putting things off that would be of benefit to both of you, then move forward and do it.  The more often you communicate with your spirit the better understanding you will have of who you are, not to mention the channel between you and your spirit will become remarkably clearer.

Refining Your Spirit

Identifying with, then channeling your spirit paves the way to help you refine your spirit.  Just like how you grew from the earliest stages of your childhood life to who you are today, so does your spirit.  Through life experiences, whatever you absorb as a person, the spirit receives the exact same thing.  However, perceptions of what you experience play a key role in the growth and development of your spirit.  What your mind absorbs as valuable may not match what your spirit absorbs.  As a result, the growth patterns between your physical being and your spiritual being will indeed differ from each other.


It doesn’t mean the spirit isn’t growing with you as you grow, but if you notice your life always seems more out of control than you’d like it then this is because the spirit within you lacks the refinement it needs in order to help you truly move forward as a human being.  Without that refinement, you will wander about in circles, regardless of where you happen to be in life.  Even those who seem to have it all on the surface have been known to be some of the unhappiest members of the human population.  On every single occasion, this is the case, it’s due to the huge growth gap between their physical self from the spiritual.


Such people grew up well enough physically, enjoying all they can enjoy on the surface, but deep down there’s always a soul search dilemma among them where there is an acknowledgment that the connection to their inner spirit has been lost.  In truth, the most immature adults tend to be those who’ve completely neglected their spirit, opting to run on a whim and follow worldly trends.

When Untruth Hurts

Instead of staying true to themselves, they literally become lost souls.  The most defiant of the bunch who fit this pattern always mask their misery with fake smiles, reckless lifestyle choices, and ludicrous behavior patterns that will see an abrupt end to it sooner or later.  And when such an end comes it’s the most unpleasant experience ever.  In truth, most people who experience this don’t survive it.  A huge reason for this is while so much attention has been poured into their physical self, not nearly enough attention was given to their spirit to help them through what literally becomes a life-threatening crisis.


However, the more refined your spirit is, which means the more you communicate with it and work with it, the better your overall survival skills become.  Your life skills, along with just about anything you touch, will not just be to your benefit, but to all those who choose to stay as close as possible because they like this part about you.

Expressing Your Spirit

Expressing yourself with a refined spirit is the best possible way you can ever show everyone you come across that you are who you are and am proud of it!  Expression with an unrefined spirit will make you the laughing stock of all those who know you, so you definitely don’t want to go there.  Sadly, way too many people do and this is what has become a real strain in society as we know it.  This is why so many remain in a stagnate state and don’t really go anywhere.  Too much time and energy is spent going in circles instead of actually breaking spiritually immature behavior patterns.


Remember, failure to nourish the spirit so it can grow with you actually stunts your overall performance as a human being.  In the army, it’s quoted as “be all that you can be” and this is how you need to treat yourself as a person.  You can’t be all that you can be if you don’t give your spirit the attention it needs so that you two can better understand each other.

Spiritual Understanding

Actually, your spirit understands you perfectly.  Of those who genuinely work with their spirit, refining it to a level where it feels like it’s on fire, they know this.  They also work with it, expressing themselves like brilliant beacons of light that are very easy to notice.  Individuals such as these are the true gems of society as they express themselves with so much clarity.  Even among the spiritually dull, they can see it.  Sadly, however, the spiritually dull tend to become envious and spiteful as that dullness reveals just how immature people who’ve never given their spirit the time of day are.  They don’t understand their spirit at all and it’s no wonder they’re always going in circles like lost tourists who refuse to take the time to read a road map.


The stronger the communication between you and your spirit, the more expressive you become.  People, regardless of their disposition, respond to this.  It’s what makes you stand head over heels above the crowd, even in a world that doesn’t always seem to appreciate it.


However, it’s not the world’s appreciation that should matter to you.  What should matter is how you see yourself and how your spirit sees you.  If you and your spirit are in sync with who you really are, expressing yourself in the best possible manner becomes second nature.

Work With Your Spirit

The greatest success stories of all time have come from those who’ve developed a perfect, unbreakable alignment with their spirit.  They continually communicate with their spirit, listening to its voice of reason whenever it comes to acting on whatever it is that sparked interest!

Of those who work with their spirit, they do so with complete honesty, knowing any kind of performance less than that will not produce ideal results.  Your spirit isn’t stupid!  So don’t kid yourself into thinking it’s okay to lie to yourself on any given matter!

If the world says something is right when you know in your gut it’s wrong, trust your gut!  The gut (which is where your spirit is located) is like a nuclear reactor!  When it acts up, pay attention to it!  Then you will know without hesitation the difference between right and wrong!  At that point, you need to decide what to do.  Do you work with the spirit or against it?


Speaking from personal experience, working against your spirit is unwise!  Always listen to the spirit first and foremost!  A strong communication link between yourself and your spirit will ease your mind.  This way you reduce making irrational decisions that will always work against your best interest!  It will also calm your heart enough to not go into panic mode that can compromise your ability to do what needs to be done!

Your Heart Lies!

So many so-called experts suggest “trust your heart” when evidence has repeatedly shown the human heart cannot be trusted!  Too many assume the heart and the spirit are one when, in truth, they’re not!  The heart is too easy to influence in a world that deceives constantly!

The spirit, however, is wiser than that!  Again, learn to trust your spirit, not your heart!

Refine That Spirit!

A 100% refined spirit, when channeled properly, is your lifeline!  Listen to it, grow with it, and work with it.  Then and only then will you actually find yourself where you want to be!  This matters above and beyond everything else and deserves no less than your complete, undivided attention.  Your spirit, just like the rest of you, needs to express itself.  Don’t hold it back for any given reason!  You owe it to yourself to be all you can be and your spirit is the ticket to help you do that!

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