October 21, 2021

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For the Love of Black Cats

Sad Black Cat

For the love of black cats, please don’t judge them simply by the color of their fur!  Just as people don’t deserve to be judged for their skin color, nor should any animal have to experience this exact same thing!


Did you know Halloween is the worst time of year for any animal that happens to have a coat of black fur?  While cats are the biggest victim due to unfair typecast hurled against them, dogs are also recipients of animal cruelty by people who simply don’t seem to know any better!

Tall, Black Tales

The biggest reason why black cats have a reputation for bringing bad luck is that the silly Pope Gregory IX declared with no scientific reasoning at all that black cats were an incarnation of the devil himself!  He did this in 1233 AD.


Because the Catholic church was the most influential power throughout Europe during that time, people simply took their theory as gospel and went on a hunt against cats!  Because of this madness, the entire species of domestic cats nearly became extinct!

No Cats = More Rats

Because the people were so zealous with their drive to wipe every cat off the face of the earth, they didn’t realize until it was almost too late that they were killing off the most effective means against rodent control!  With not enough cats to keep mice and rats in check, their population exploded!

No Cats = Black Death

The bubonic plague, otherwise known as Black Death, resulted due to the unchecked rats as the surge of their population brought about a series of diseases.  As those diseases mounted and became more widespread, this introduced Black Death unto the masses!  By the time the nightmare was over, over one-third of Europe’s population perished!

Cats & Witches

What spurred the pope and the Catholic Church to believe black cats were evil was their belief they were witches in disguise.  They even believed a black cat would become a witch after serving one for seven years!


This line of thinking was (and still is) foolish!  The so-called witches whom the Catholic Church persecuted were mainly elderly women who were widowed and lonely.  As companions, they often housed cats.  And, in some cases, dogs.

cats and womenWisdom vs. Witchcraft

The number one thing those women who were wrongfully cast as witches had in common was their ability to be self-reliant instead of depending on anyone else.  Unlike most women during their era, they were able to think for themselves and care for themselves!


In many ways, the more dependent women of their era were envious of the more independent woman!  Among them, the more devious spawned stories of witchcraft, systematically working upon the population, including the church, to cave into the paranoia instead of exercising common sense!

Good fun catThen And Now

Guilty by association and nothing more, cats have been on the receiving end of superstitious nonsense for nearly 800 years!  And, at the top of that list are black cats!  Apparently, racism doesn’t just stop at judging a person’s skin color!  The animals get it, too!


To this day, black cats continue to be on the receiving end of a stigma they don’t deserve!  To this day, the Halloween holiday continues to exploit the falsehoods of black cats being evil!  Despite all the political correctness that has resulted in some rather extreme changes to even product labels, this is something that remains unchanged!

Halloween catAll In Good Fun?

Not really out to blame Halloween, but for as long as black cats continue to be depicted as evil, even if it’s just for fun, a very ugly reality remains!  Black cats still get hunted down like vermin and executed!  And for what?  Harmless fun?


Believe it or not, Halloween is the worst time of year for all homeless animals, especially black cats and black dogs!  Sadly, there are still people and groups so immature that they will go on the hunt to capture, abuse/torture, maim, and kill an animal – all in the name of “good fun”!

Guards Up

According to every single animal shelter and pet store of ethical ground interviewed, they all mention their guards go way up as soon as the summer season is over and the commercialism that fuels Halloween begins to rear its ugly head!


People who really do practice witchcraft, either as a deliberate lifestyle choice or as a joke, will go hunting for black cats.  Upfront, they may come across as someone wanting a pet, but on many occasions, it’s just an excuse to take in an animal they intend to abuse!

Black Cat Statistics

In addition to black cats being the most abused among their feline cohorts, they are also the least likely to become adopted at an animal shelter.  Why?  Because the misconception they are evil creatures continues among a society that has yet to shelve old housewives’ tales that have absolutely no scientific proof to back their beliefs!


In fact, in Japan, many regions within the Middle East, and the UK, black cats are even deemed good luck!  During ancient Egyptian culture, black cats were highly favored!  (Interesting how superstitions work both ways, isn’t it?)

Selfie CatSelfish Vanities

Not only do black cats find themselves on the raw end of the deal when it comes to animal adoption, but they also find themselves rejected by the vainest people on the planet who find they don’t look good in pictures!


I recall a few stories of some ridiculous people who either returned or kicked out black cats, simply because they didn’t show up well in selfies!  Excuse me, but WTF?

For the Love of Black CatsBlack Cat Awareness

I didn’t realize just how bad things really were for black cats until I found four black kittens in a box, all abandoned and without their mother!  I took them in and originally hoped to find homes for them.  Nobody was interested because of their fur color!


It was then I made up my mind to simply keep them all and raise them.  In the process, without even trying, I learned more about black cats and why they are stuck with the kind of reputation they have.

Black Cat Appreciation

In Facebook land, where everybody meets everybody and becomes friends for a while, I came across a certain individual named Wayne Morris.  Upon meeting him (and his wife Vicki), I learned a great deal more about homeless animal statistics, especially among those who have black fur on their backs.


Since then, I’ve become more involved to raise awareness about how important it is to be more responsible!  It literally breaks my heart enough as it is that there are already way too many unwanted animals as it is, but it’s even worse when I learn they’re mistreated by people who should really know better!


I could apologize for getting a bit emotional about the matter, but then I would be apologizing for being human.  I’m not about to do that!

Why Pioneer Kitty Market

Those who’ve followed at least some of my blogs may be aware I run a sister website known as Pioneer Kitty Market.  I also have a product line titled the Wayne Morris Collection.


I bring them up because this is now where I do the deliberate plug about what those two collections are truly about.  All purchases from customers who buy from within that product line have their proceeds go towards animal shelters and animal caregivers.

Duvet Cover from Wayne Morris CollectionWayne Morris Collection

Everything within the Wayne Morris Collection is his artwork!  So, naturally, whatever is bought from there has the profit go to him as he and Vicki are among the animal caregivers whom I strive to help for all the good they set out to do!

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