January 25, 2022

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Good Dog! Have A Cookie!

Good Dog! Have a Cookie!

Have A Cookie!Here, Have A Cookie!

So, you have a good dog and you reward it with a cookie from time to time!  My question here is how much of a reward is it?  Is it as healthy as it is tasty?


Commercial Cookie Conflict?

Like all commercially made products, sometimes consumers aren’t so sure what they’re buying as a treat for their pet is really safe enough for consumption.  While most consumers do trust big brand labels with their advertising claims, a growing number of pet owners don’t!


And this is for good reason!


Most commercially made products are made with the cheapest version of ingredients big box companies can find.  This way they can keep the prices of what they’re selling low enough to win customers over.  On more occasions than it should be, what the pet receives as a treat from unwitting consumers is contaminated!


Yes, there are regulations in place about listing ingredients on every commercially sold product consumers can read!  And, yes, it’s their responsibility to do so!  However, the product’s transparency is often overshadowed by manipulative marketing!  Such tactics often distract the buyer from better understanding exactly what it is they’re bringing home!

Conventional vs. Unconventional


What about going homemade?


Interestingly enough, most big brands will go out of their way to discourage consumers from taking their business elsewhere!  This is especially true when it comes to choosing brands that don’t follow what’s deemed conventionally acceptable according to current political standards.


Yeah, it comes down to politics!  It always has!  It still does!  And, it always will!

The Politics of Cookies?


Even for something as seemingly insignificant as dog cookies, there are politics literally involved that attempt to tell consumers who to buy from.  Despite the fact that there has been a number of recalled big brand products, including dog cookies, these same politics will support them long before taking you, and your pet into consideration!


I know this topic is going to run people raw!  Politics of anything is not a simple conversation where everybody idly nods in agreement!  More than ever, anything political instantly draws up battle lines!  The more zealous will literally go to war while the rest will nestle back into their comfort zone!

Where The Cookie Crumbles…


The bottom line, where you spend your money is up to you!  However, even when it comes to something like dog cookies, where its crumbles fall will leave a trail!  What sort of trail that is depends entirely on how responsible your decisions have been!


And, it’s not just about you!  In this case, it’s also about your pet as well!

Homemade Dog Cookies


Is homemade truly better?  Just like commercially bought products, this answer depends entirely on the ingredients involved.  Are they conventionally made or organic?  Believe it or not, this does make a difference!


While commercials stress “natural” in some of their product lines, one thing that they are not is organic!


So what’s the big difference?


The difference is whatever is deemed natural is something that’s been produced in its native environment.  Even if the ecological state of its environment has been compromised, it’s still considered natural.  Let that sink in!


This means even if something like chemical rain fell upon a certain field of wheat, whatever products come from there will still be deemed natural!  Again, let that piece of reality sink in!


As for organics, producers will go to great measures to ensure the environment involved is as close to tamper-free as possible!  Using the example of the wheat field, those involved will go to great measures to avoid as much contact with chemicals as possible!  This even includes “chemical rain” as they will likely resort to hydroponics!  If not hydroponics, then it will be some form of protective shield.

Back To The Dogs!


Originally, this blog was supposed to focus on dog cookies!  It only went political because I wanted to bring awareness that I believe every pet owner should be more aware of!  Believe it or not, I actually care about you and your pet!  I also have pets in my own home!  To me, they’re more than just a dog and three cats!  To me, they’re family!


And I’m certain you feel the same way about yours!


So, like all families, we have family recipes!  And, those family recipes also include, yes, you guessed it… Dog Cookies!!!


Alright, (drum roll) here’s a dog cookie recipe I have yet to see a pooch snub!

Dawgie's Nutty Banana Cookies3PC Silicone Baking MatsDawgie’s Nutty Banana Cookies

Before we get started, you can choose to line the baking sheet of your cookie creations with parchment paper.  Or, for the eco-friendly route, line it with silicone baking mats(Personally, I prefer parchment paper or silicone as a liner.  Aluminum is showing up on the radar more often than ever with its connection to very serious medical conditions!)

Ingredients (Some texts are links to brands of personal preference!)

2 – Medium Bananas (the riper the better!)
1 Cup – Peanut Butter
1 Cup – All-Purpose, Gluten-Free Flour (It’s easier on the dog’s stomach!)
2 Tbsp – Honey


Start your oven off at 350 degrees Fahrenheit (175 celsius).
Line your cookie sheet with parchment paper or a silicone mat.


In a bowl, mash the bananas down.  From there, mix in the honey and peanut butter.  You definitely want to mix this as well as possible!  Now, add the flour and make sure everything is thoroughly combined!  If the dough feels too sticky, add a wee bit more flour.  But, don’t overdo it!  You really shouldn’t add more than another 1-2 tbsp worth!


On a lightly floured surface, lay out your dough and roll it down.  Make sure it’s all rolled out evenly!  I would recommend flipping the dough over at least once so that both sides are lightly floured.  This will help reduce the dough from getting too sticky!


Magigift Dog Cookie Cutter SetDust your cookie-cutter lightly in flour and cut your desired shapes.  Transfer each to the lined cookie sheet.  Continue doing this until you run out of dough to work with.


3-Tier Wired RackYour best bet is to bake in batches in the preheated oven until the cookies become golden brown and firm.  Typically, this takes about 15 to 20 minutes, per batch, to do!  Cool the baking sheet for at least one minute (but not much more!) before transferring each cookie to a wired rack.  You definitely want these cookies to cool completely before working with them any further!


Each cookie has a nutritional value of approximately 2g of protein, 4g of carbohydrates, 3g of fat, and 23g of sodium.  The average calorie intake is about 45.  However, these numbers will vary slightly in the ingredients you buy.  If you opt to buy organic, odds are all but the protein numbers will drop slightly.  With protein, it may go up slightly.  Organic ingredients tend to work that way as opposed to conventional!

Storage Suggestions

I make my dog cookies in bulk, so I vacuum-seal mine to maintain its freshness!  Because there are no preservatives involved, I tend to keep them in the freezer if I don’t intend to give them to my dog (and sometimes the husband) anytime soon.  The freezer won’t hurt the cookies!  I’ve had them stored for up to six months and they were fine!  At least my dog, Zeus, seems to think so!


Hi Zeus!As for dry storage, the cooler and dark the environment the better!  I’ve done this for up to a full month without issue!  However, this also depends on your choice of ingredients!  Despite storage recommendations, I suggest keep a close watch on anything food-related.


If you opt not to go the vacuum-seal route, then simple ziplock baggies will do just fine!  So will lidded containers!  (I definitely recommend full containment, though!)

Pioneer Kitty KitchenDon’t Have Time (Or Patience) To Bake?

If you simply want these cookies made for you, contact Mama Kitty at Pioneer Kitty Kitchen and she will work something out with you!  (This applies to Canadian pet owners only for the time being!)  This is the best method to reach her (which is me!)


Mama Kitty is Food Safety licensed and operates in an industry approved environment to ensure quality product goes out.  This route, for the moment, is arranged by contract only.