October 24, 2021

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Hello, God, I’m Broke Book Review

Hello, God, I'm Broke!

Hello, God!  I’m Broke!

This book, Hello God I’m Broke was just written and released by a young evangelist known as Udeme Edem Udofia.  As someone who has personally read (and helped edit) this publication, I can personally vouch for its credibility as a solid, reliable source of information that does help!


According to non-believers, this article will seem like fodder and move on.  This is unfortunate and not simply because they’ve chosen not to believe!  It’s unfortunate because they will miss out on what’s really more about an autobiography than simply another Christian book, written by a Christian author, who also happens to have a Christian ministry!



Is It Worth Reading?

For Christians who do believe in Jesus Christ, yes!  For individuals who are struggling financially and can’t seem to figure out why, yes!  As for everyone else, the answer is still yes!


While there is no book that can quite measure up to the Holy Bible itself (preferably KJV’s), Udeme’s Hello God I’m Broke serves as a humble write-up of how genuine faith and generosity always pay off!

Let me stress this…


GENUINE faith and GENUINE generosity!  It has to be genuine!  If one does these things with ulterior motives, God will know and whatever pot of gold you seek simply won’t be there!



Don’t Be Fooled!

While there are indeed people who have achieved great success and finances despite their lack of interest in Christianity, they are spiritually bankrupt!  And, interestingly enough, as much as they may be in denial about this, the evidence is there!  It’s easily seen in their eyes, their speech, and their actions!  Even if they don’t know it yet, they literally are poor, dead people walking!