January 24, 2022

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How Is Your Sleep?

woman cover her head with pillow, sleeping problem concept

That is a legitimate enough question!  How is your sleep, really?  Are you truly getting a good night’s rest, or do you find yourself struggling to get that rest you need?

Comfort Matters

For starters, if you have comfort issues, you will not get a good night’s rest!  With body parts out of alignment, your muscle tissue and nerves are going to feel this and let you know they are every bit as uncomfortable as you are.


When it comes to getting a good night’s rest, comfort matters!  So my question to you is how comfortable are you in the following key areas;

  • Mattress Comfort
  • Pillow Comfort
  • Positional Comfort

How Is Your Sleep?Mattress Comfort

It is really important you get the right mattress that best suits you!  Now, if you happen to have the bed all to yourself, this usually isn’t a problem.  However, if you happen to have someone else sharing that bed with you, it now becomes an issue!  Unless both of you have identical comfort zones as you sleep, odds are most mattresses are not going to quite do the job it needs to do.


So, what do you do?  If you happen to be in the market to look for a new mattress, I would highly recommend considering either going with quality memory foam or quality gel foam.

Why Memory Foam

Memory foam acts as a contour around your body.  Whatever parts of you are heaviest, the foam will work with that so you don’t have to remain in an abnormal position.  Those positions cause discomfort!  When prolonged, that discomfort introduces aches and pain.


While all foam is designed to adjust itself according to pressure, the difference between memory foam and regular foam is in the design.  Regular foam is typically made from polyurethane material that is a staple for most bedding and has been around for over a century.


Memory foam is the result designed with a viscoelastic technology that provides better shock absorbency.  It was originally designed as a therapeutic means for better sleep support as the mattress literally conforms itself around the body while on it.

Why Gel Foam

Gel foam is designed to keep the body cooler as opposed to what memory foam can do.  Gel foam mattresses are actually memory foam beds that have either gel layering installed or gel beads.  For sleepers who prefer a cooler night’s rest, this is great!




Gel foam mattresses are more responsive than memory foam which makes the contours feel more relaxed!  Users of gel foam beds find it is less restrictive than memory foam beds.  For people who have a more sensitive sleeping pattern, this is where the gel foam mattress outclasses the memory foam.


Cost Factors

Typically, traditional foam mattresses are cheaper on the wallet than quality memory foam mattresses.  I bring up the word quality as there are various versions of memory foam mattresses, which means there is also a variance in quality.


If you’re in the market for a foam mattress and price is an issue, please take into account the old cliche “you get what you pay for” and be sure you really do your homework before deciding on making your purchase.


And, yeah, this is the part where I give you my idea of what I personally feel is a memory foam mattress brand you may want to consider.  And, no, I’m not simply doing this as an affiliate of the product I’m bringing up, but the fact that I actually used this myself when I was on a tighter budget!


I’ve had this particular memory foam mattress for nearly 15 years!  And, I still have it, but it has migrated into my travel trailer once I was able to invest into something of what I can also confirm is of better quality.

Memory Foam PillowPillow Comfort

Truth be told, even if you happen to be sleeping on the world’s most comfortable mattress, if your pillow isn’t right for you it won’t matter!


If you wonder why you wake up with neck strain, headaches, or even pain in your back despite having a quality mattress that works for you, then odds are your pillow may be the culprit!


Just like mattresses, memory foam-based pillows and gel memory foam-based pillows are made the same way.  Yes, there are feather and down pillows too, but even they don’t always do the job they need to do!  Your head needs optimal support, which means whatever it rests on has to be able to do the job!


Gel Memory Foam Pillows

Again, just like memory foam mattresses and gel memory foam mattresses, pillows made of these same materials make all the difference in the world!  And, just as is the case with the mattress suggestions I provided, I do the same with the pillows and for the exact same reasons!

Positional Comfort

Many people don’t seem to give this much thought, but it does matter!  If you happen to be sitting for extended periods of time, this is not healthy!  The body needs to move around in order to maintain optimal circulation.  If this isn’t happening, your body will respond by giving you aches and pains as a result!


Because of COVID-19, plus the quarantines that have come with it and other discomforts, it is more important than ever to make sure you stay healthy!  People are sitting around more than ever now and that’s not good!

But It’s Part of Your Job…

Due to COVID-19, plus all the new rules that have come with it, there are more people than ever who work from home, which means there are more people sitting around than ever.


If this happens to be you, or someone you know, and there is no choice but to sit around for lengthy periods of time, I do recommend looking into ergonomic improvements so that your body doesn’t take a medical nosedive!


It’s Become My Job

I happen to be one of those people who stay at home, behind the computer, on the chair, more than ever now.  Because of this, I knew my circulation system would be directly affected!  I also knew, sooner or later, it would catch up with me.


It will also catch up with you!  Unless you are able to move around frequently, you need to consider methods to make your seating situation not so detrimental!


While nothing beats getting up and moving around, there are quality products you can look into that will help.  And, before you go into worrying about the cost factor, ask yourself these three questions;

  • Would you rather pour your money on pain medications or on something so you don’t have to rely on pills?
    Gel Memory Foam Seat Cushion


  • What will cost more in the long run between a subscription of prescribed medications or a one-time purchase of a product that will help?
    Memory Foam Keyboard Wrist Pad
  • Which is cheaper between physiotherapy treatment and a product that will prevent issues such as aches, pain, and any form of other physical discomforts?

My Three Answers

  1. I hate pills!  In fact, anything from big-pharma I am not a fan of!  I will go to great lengths to avoid anything to do with prescriptions of any kind!
  2. I’d rather buy at least one or two products that are of use to me whenever I do have to sit for extended periods of time.
  3. Chiropractors and physiotherapists cost money!  For anybody who needs to visit either for an extensive period of time, this can prove to be a real financial strain!


And, truth be told, whenever there is a strain on something as big as financial management, this stress can add to your troubles!  Do you really want that?

Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes…

You know this classic little kid’s song, right?  Well, apply this to your everyday living when you take into consideration what your body needs for optimal comfort!


How’s Your Head?

We previously talked about your head’s comfort while sleeping in bed.  But, what about when you’re sitting in a chair at home or office?  How about on a couch, or while in travel?


Whether at home, at work, or travelling, the last thing you need is to experience pain in the head/neck area!  The importance of keeping your head physically in check is every bit as important as it is to keep it mentally in check!

Shoulder Check

How’s your shoulder?  Take this advice from someone who nursed a shoulder injury for too long. Overlooking this part of your body is unwise!  Unless you have something in place to properly secure your shoulder while you’re lounging around or sleeping, that part of the body will pay the price for it!


Granted, I didn’t get my shoulder injury due to an uncomfortable sleeping or sitting position.  But, I wound up hindering the healing process of my shoulder by failing to look into some key products that would have sped up my recovery process.  Not only speed things up in this regard but play a factor to help the body avoid another issue that nobody can avoid.  It is called aging!

Take A Knee

Flat out, joint pain sucks!  And, with the knees, it seems even worse!  I say this because when we climb something as simple as stairs, for some reason those poor knees really seem to have issues with that!



Believe it or not, how you sleep, even with a really good mattress, sometimes a little extra help to keep the knees apart while you sleep is helpful.  I mention this from experience as 99% of the time I sleep on my side.  Because of this, even with the most ergonomic bed I own so far that pillow between the knees really makes the difference!


This is also something I recommend for people who are not in the market for a new mattress but still need to find a means to resolve the issue of bed comfort.  Just like the attitude toward what I have regarding mattresses, so is the case with items like body /knee pillows!

Twinkle Toes!

When I say “twinkle” I don’t mean the star!  Twinkle is often associated with sleep and this is where I bring up the issue of feet falling asleep while you’re sitting.


This is where you see how sitting for prolonged periods of time proves to be unhealthy!  When you find your feet losing feeling due to the lack of blood circulation, then this is your queue to get off your butt and start moving around!  This is literally your own body yelling at you to move it or else!


When certain arteries experience a lack of proper blood circulation, they begin to act up.  The last thing you need is for your body to go into panic mode!

Don’t Panic, Just Breathe!

Again, while nothing beats body movement, there are measures you can take to improve the ergonomics of your situation.  Even if you don’t spend oodles of time behind the computer, or in front of the television, it never hurts to make yourself as comfortable as possible whenever possible.

I’m not suggesting to go lazy, either!  In fact, according to the Holy Bible, being slothful (lazy) is a sin!  Besides, sin or not, laziness brings about additional medical issues that have already proven (many times over) to be far more deadly than anything COVID-19 could possibly do!


However, even while moving around, something as simple as quality memory foam even in your own footwear makes a huge difference for your body!  Whether you consider yourself a frequent flyer at your local gym, or a jogger on the streets, quality footwear that is properly designed for your feet is a must!

Memory Foam ShoesOnce Upon A Time…

Okay, storytelling time!  In 2017, I sustained a torn tendon in my right ankle while working at a feed mill.  To this day, I still struggle with it and I squarely blame that on not wearing proper shoes until 2020 when I finally clued in maybe my ankle wouldn’t be so messed up if I simply switched to shoes that have memory foam!


I always wore memory foam slippers at home, so why not memory foam in my own running shoes?  Yeah, I was on the ball enough on everything else but my own darn running shoes!


Now with the memory foam running shoes, my ankle doesn’t give me so much issue anymore!

Remember, Memory Foam!

I honestly can’t stress enough how important it is to consider making memory foam a big part of your life!  This is especially true if you seriously want the best possible health for yourself, as well as your family!


If you’re experiencing arthritis, the memory foam will help!  if you have osteoporosis, the memory foam will help!  And, even for your perfectly healthy young ones, the memory foam will be a huge benefit for them too!

Intelligent Neck Massager by PKK HealthYou may also want to consider an intelligent neck massager, as these are fabulous little gadgets that help take away aches and pains that do more than just take that pain in the neck away!

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