October 21, 2021

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Internet Business Frustration

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Is your internet business loaded with frustration?  In the world of doing internet business, nothing is more devastating than pouring time, money, and effort into something in vain!  You know you’ve put together a decent website and you know you have decent content.  However, nobody is giving you the time of day!  And, of those who are, they’re not converting!


It also doesn’t help when there are scores of so-called experts who lurk about, claiming they have all the insider secrets to help you achieve the success you need!  Whom among them is telling the truth?  On (too) many occasions, it seems hard to tell them apart from the scammers!

Internet Business World of Frustration

When the internet first made its mark on the daily lives of everyday people, was it conceived at the time it would explode into what it is now?  Social media owes the birth and growth of what it is thanks to the internet!  The same can be said for doing business.  Nowadays, unless your business has a website, you are seen as someone still living in the “dark ages” by an always fickle audience!


But, with so many people competing on the internet for attention, how can someone possibly make their mark these days?  How do you get noticed?


There is, of course, your circle of friends within the realm of Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.  Between people, you really do know and folks that haven’t been anything more than virtual friends, odds are there aren’t very many people besides this group you converse enough with.  And, even there, there’s no guarantee your circle will share enough interest to give your internet business the kind of attention it needs!


While those closest to you may give the announcement of your business the thumbs up, unless you have something they genuinely are interested in, they won’t do anything more than that!  If it’s products you’re offering, odds are they have their loyalties in that regard elsewhere.  If it’s a service, same thing.  Most people are creatures of habit.  Such habits they’re not so willing to break, even if you happen to offer better deals than the competitors whom they’re choosing over you!


Part of the problem is dealing with familiarities.  Those closest to you know you too well!  Well, they know the old you too well.  They don’t know the new you, nor your new business.  Despite your best attempt to flash the new you and your business, too many too familiar with you won’t see you!  In truth, all they will ever see with you is something of the past.  They will not see the present, nor will they see the future.


And, of course, this is frustrating!  For you, the kind of support you need if you want your business to succeed is to venture into “friendship territory” you’ve never gone before!

New Friendship Territory

So how do you make new friends?


Simply answered, it boils down to your influential prowess.  The more you reach out, the better.  However, where you reach out to plays a key factor in whether or not your attempt to win more traffic (and sales) succeeds.


Because influence is a much-needed commodity in doing business, there is a breed of individuals who specialize in this.  Called influencers, they are contracted to bring attention to your business so that you have a better chance of success.  Basically, what influencers do is no different than people who do commercials for companies whom they represent!


Are they actors?  In a sense, yes!  However, no is also part of the answer.  Just like any other person you deal with, the type of influencer you deal with can vary.  And, not every network of influencers is created equal!  Just like everywhere else, there are scammers who pretend to be good at what they do, when in truth, they’re the only thing they’re good at are con jobs!


There are also some influencer networks that lack support!  In many cases, you join one, only to find that lost in space feeling upon doing so.  There’s nobody there to guide you, whether you’re a buyer of someone’s influence, or if you care to be an influencer yourself!

Real Influence Matters!

Udimi Influential Internet Business Network
Let us help!

Coming from someone who has gone through the wild ride of marketing an internet business as far back as 2003, I have “seen it all” when it comes to who really is legit and who isn’t.  Of all whom I’ve advertised in this particular post, I’ve come to know them as legit!  Legit because I’ve worked with them and know first hand they have proven track records of success!


Udimi, for instance, is an influencer network that has a most impressive platform.  One beauty about them is you can join for free and scope out the possibilities!  Even with that alone you can access the community forum and reach out to real people!  You will find people that have bad and good experiences within the world of Udimi.  Nothing is hidden here!  The honesty among the community is awesome!  And, it helps a great deal for folks like you that want to make sure the next dollar you spend on behalf of your business is one you won’t do in vain!

Influential Homework

Within Udimi, you will come across people who offer their influential services to help you out.  And no, they won’t help you for free, but they will get you what you need – traffic!  Furthermore, each influencer has their own niche, which means specialty.


If what you have as a business matches their specialty and you are interested in working with them, then you have the option to make contact with them.  Now, just because you want to do business with them may not necessarily mean they wish to do business with you!  If they see what you have doesn’t match their niche, they will opt not to work with you.  And, upon their refusal, they will explain why!

Influential Criticism

As someone who approached them on the lookout for an influencer, I was rejected by all four people I approached!  As much as that sucked, it gave me insight that I needed to do more with my websites to have my assignment accepted.


Unlike other influencer networks, Udimi’s seller group is remarkably honest!  If they’re not accepting assignments from you to give your site the traffic it needs there is a reason for it!  Some will go as far as explaining in detail why, while others will simply say it’s not their niche.  Among those who take the time to explain, listen to them!  They’re successful influencers for a reason!


The best of the best within Udimi will take the time to point out what parts of your website they know will not win you the conversion you need to make it successful.  Even if it’s an affiliate program, unless they see what you’ve got as appealing, they will not work with you!  Most influencers are involved with affiliate programs and only choose to line up among those that show promise!


And, most of those same influencers will only promote products and services they believe are worth their time!  If they don’t care for what you’re offering, they won’t work with you!  (If you need assistance in this regard, please visit THIS LINK to gain access to what actually works!)

Udimi Honesty

As much as it sucks to have an offer rejected by a potential seller that can help, you should really take such rejection as a blessing!  It’s showing something is wrong with whatever approach you’re using to win people over!  If you can’t win an influencer, then this means you can’t win conversions either!  That traffic you seek won’t do you an ounce of good if your site doesn’t offer what people would want to buy!


The more you work with Udimi and those most often associated with them, the better off you will be!  Even the most successful businesses of all time have learned to work with such people to ensure the road they’re on guarantees success!  And, if they can do this, so can you!