October 21, 2021

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Is Tax Goddess For Real?

Tax Goddess

Is Tax Goddess For Real?

Is Tax Goddess For Real?

Yes, Tax Goddess is for real!


At Tax Goddess, they strive to provide the best accounting and book-keeping services small to medium-sized business owners need.  Their expert financial services bring a refreshing approach through their team!  They feature a fun, energetic, and experienced group of CPA, tax savings experts, bookkeepers, and other financial gurus whose focus is on you!

Tax Strategy Matters

Small to medium-sized business owners are what makes our country great!  They are the true backbone of our economy as it is they that create the most jobs!  Unfortunately, their business is choked with regulations and taxes!


The team with Tax Goddess has earned the rare “Certified Tax Coach”  title as they take a strategic approach towards tax planning!  Their main goal is to reduce your tax burden so you can focus more on your business and not your taxes!  They guarantee this!

Tax Filing

Who doesn’t want to pay the lowest possible tax bill?  The business services provided by Tax Goddess have an expert team of professionals that focus on providing the top tax strategies that best work for you and your company’s specific needs.


Their services include filing tax returns and other related documents for individuals, sole proprietors, partnerships, LLCs, C-Corporations, S-Corporations, and more!

Deferred Sales Trust (DST)

Are you aware you can sell something “big” without having to pay taxes on it?  Everything deemed as a “large asset” qualifies for the special tax strategy known as the DST!


Examples of large assets include,

  • Buildings
  • Business
  • Stock Gains

Bookkeeping Matters

Face it, for business owners, bookkeeping is a nightmare!  But, as a business owner, you need to keep up with every dollar that affects you.  Who owes you money?  What do you owe?  Failure to keep track of these bookkeeping matters puts you and your business at the risk of an expense that could otherwise be avoided!


With Tax Goddess, they apply their expert knowledge to take those bookkeeping nightmares away from you!  Why stress yourself over something you don’t have to?  They have several programs in place to help you so that you can focus on what matters most to you!

Business Matters

Do you have your own business yet?  Have you thought about starting your own company?  What about your home business where you need to protect your personal assets?


Especially with today’s events, there are many good reasons why you should start your own business.  The team of specialists provided by Tax Goddess will work with you to find what would be the best course of action for your specific needs.


For some, the IRS is a nightmare!  Should you have to deal with them, make sure you talk to the team of Tax Goddess first!  You don’t want to be in a situation where you cause yourself a crisis as the IRS will record everything you say!  Just like an officer arresting a suspect, anything you say can and may be used against you!


Their team of trained and experienced professionals will guide you on how to deal with the IRS so you don’t end up in hot water!  Learn how to respond to notices, phone calls, and other inquiries that will improve your odds to deal with the IRS and win!

Let’s Talk Real Estate

Tax Goddess specializes in services involving the investment of real estate.  With over 3000 (and growing) real estate deals, they have worked with clients to ensure they come out on top.  They offer packages that help you, as a real estate investor, make your life easier!


One of the specialties that make Tax Goddess what it is is its team of real estate agents and brokers!  About 40% of their practice relates to real estate!


Did you know their Tax Goddess, and her family, have been in the real estate investment game for a few hundred years?  Her special affinity for it puts her CPA firm at an epic level of understanding of these industries and their list of needs such as;


  • Cost Segregations
  • Multi-layer LLC’s & Partnerships
  • Fix & Flips & Long-term Holds
  • Massive Mileage Deductions
  • Special Real Estate Agent Deductions

Foreclosure and Short Sales

Dealing with foreclosures or short sales?  Tax Goddess is here to help!  They understand this can be a very scary time!  There is so much going on today that can affect your bottom line!


Over the past decade, thousands of people have been forced out due to foreclosures and short sales.  There is much you must do right when facing these events!  With the Tax Goddess team, they not only can but want to be of service to you!


Tax Goddess

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