October 21, 2021

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It’s Time To Jaaxy It Up!!!

Are You Jaaxed Up?

So, you’ve decided to jump into the exciting world of running an internet-based business. Good for you! Now, since jumping in, what sort of results have you seen? Have they been worth bragging about, or is it sill a work in progress? How confident are you at this point that what you have going is meeting your expectations?  What have you done, if anything, to jack things up?

Hey, Over Here!

The biggest challenge of getting involved in anything to do with the internet as a means to run any kind of business is being seen by the right audience who would be interested in what you’re trying to sell. Unless you’re seen online, nobody will know you exist!


Sure, you can notify your family, friends and other associates about your site. Maybe from them, you might get a wee bit of traffic. However, if you’re looking to make a serious go with your venture, that particular audience is not good enough! The majority of the time, just to be nice, those closest to you may have a peek to see what you’ve created, but for the most part, it won’t be anything more than just a passing glance. Most of them will not engage! Supportive or not, those closest to you have their own agendas. They will cater to that long before considering yours.


Sounds selfish, doesn’t it? The sad truth is there are very few members of the human race that can honestly admit they put others before themselves. Even parents experience this! Despite putting the needs of their child(ren) own as many parents do, the selfishness gene is still there.


How so? Well, rightfully so, responsible parents will focus on their immediate family’s needs first and foremost. So, if you’re “Uncle Joe” whom you’ve excitedly shown your website to opts not to buy your awesome line of men’s watches you think he’d like, don’t be surprised. Uncle Joe, assuming he’s a responsible father to his children, would much rather run to the best bargain stores in his area to cater to their needs. Instead of that awesome watch for him, he buys his kids supplies for school. Meanwhile, his wife, Aunt Jane, is on the hunt for discounted clothing to put those same kids into.


Overall, while they may care that you succeed at what you do, they care more about what’s going on in their own lives. You’re not in the front seat with them! And, on that same note, they’re not in the same front seat as you!

Hey, Go Up There!

In truth, if you want your business to succeed you have to reach a brand new audience! Every successful business in existence has resorted to advertising in every form they can find that would be of use to them. I mean, come on, when you watch television, how many ads do you see within a single program?


Even if you’re the type who skips commercials, that ad will still leave an impression! Regardless if it’s good or bad, you’ll at least have a vague memory of it.


However, if it’s a commercial that stands out, even if you’re not interested in the product, you’re going to watch! People like to be entertained and you are no exception!


And this is something the best of the best in advertising has perfected like an art form! And you, my friend, need to do the same!

Watch Where You’re Going!

While it is agreed that advertising to an audience outside your immediate social circle is crucial for your business success, it’s also agreed that running around in blind faith isn’t going to work. You need direction! You need to first figure out exactly what kind of audience do you want. Don’t assume what people want! I’ve personally made this mistake and it’s a recipe for disaster. Many others have done the same – and this is why the vast majority of enterprising startups fail! Making the mistake of targeting an audience whom you think would give a darn about what you’re offering is not only a waste of your time but can also be a financial catastrophe!


And don’t make the assumption that some advertising expert is going to help you save the day, either! It’s their job to win you over as a hopeful customer who will buy into their promises of positive results. Sadly, the most desperate will go for this. I almost did! I dealt with someone who wanted to sell me an email list of 10,000 people for $900. Granted, not just any people, but a targeted audience they have in their database.


Now, don’t get me wrong! I’m not against that form of advertising, but not everybody has that kind of money to simply take a gamble and pray for the best! And, even among those who do, quite often I come across posts from disappointed people that felt they did not get their money’s worth.


This exact same thing applies to web designing, as it too is a form of advertisement. You’re trying to present the best possible storefront so that when people land on your main page they experience the “WOW!” effect. However, if you’re the typical “little guy” with a limited budget, odds are you’re attempting to design your website alone. Or, at the very least, finding someone whom you can afford to do it for you.

Map It Out!

Curious! Have you ever had that lost tourist feeling? Whether it be an experience where you actually did get lost on the road or found yourself at wit’s end with an overwhelming situation, it’s not fun!


That’s no different when it comes to running any business, regardless if it’s a physical storefront or a digital one. In truth, unless you have a solid map you can trust, the destination you seek will not be reached. You will get lost, then travel in circles like a lost tourist. Most of the time when this happens to people they stubbornly continue their circular pattern until they run out of gas.


If you find yourself dangerously close to joining the population of failed entrepreneurs, then you need to rely on a GPS system that actually works.

Jaaxying It Up!

Real Help Matters!

So, going with the lost tourist scenario again, have you ever experienced that helpless feeling when you ask for directions from someone who should know their stuff but actually don’t? That person tells you to follow their advice and you do so, only to find yourself even more lost than before. It sucks, doesn’t it?


At that point, you have to go find yet another local in hopes that person won’t mess with you as badly as the first one did. It’s not until you receive real help from someone who actually knows where you need to go that you finally see positive results!


I know I have experienced this, many times over! I also know I’m not the only one! Lost people receiving bad directions happen way too often, both while on the road and on the internet.


Through much trial and error, I finally came across a GPS system that has actually worked! Now, if you are anything like me this is possibly where you may roll your eyes and say “yeah, whatever!” as you saw what I inserted just above.


Yes, it’s a link. Yes, it’s going to lead you somewhere that I have been to previously. Have you heard about those people before? Regardless of your answer, one thing I do know is they have proven to be that GPS system needed! They have taken what has been my dismal internet business ventures to something far more promising. Through the guidance of Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy, I’ve learned how to reach a targeted audience that matters! It’s that audience that helps my sites go from that junkyard feeling to something more promising!


And I know it works! Why? Because I have tried the multitude of other solutions so-called experts told me to do. I’ve experienced financial catastrophes and all the other feelings of failure that come with it. I’ve been there, done that!


Between Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate, I have learned not only how to read the road map to success, but do so properly. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of the circles! No more circles! You can’t move forward going in circles! The sooner you break that pattern and get back on the road that actually gets you to where you want to go, the better!


Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate can do that! My recommendation is to join both of them and follow all the directions from them that will actually get you going somewhere. I know full well you owe it to yourself to do more than simply kick a tire. Anybody serious enough to do anything worth doing does the test drive. It would be in your best interest to do that test drive and keep yourself as teachable as possible. Then and only then will you clearly see the full path you need to take in order to get to where you want to go.

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