October 21, 2021

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It’s Time To Play Faire!


Faire? Typo?

No, it’s not a typo! Faire is actually the name of a community I have been working with that focuses on bringing designers, wholesalers, and retailers together in one of the most professionally courteous methods I have so far come across.  The bottom line, it bridges brands with a mix of retail and wholesale consumers!

Faire Game vs. Fair Game

What makes Faire so special compared to the likes of Amazon, and others like them? What is it about them that gives me cause to give them the kudos?

First off, Faire offers what none of the other companies of a similar nature do. They allow you, either as a brand or retailer, to do a proper go-over of who they are, what they offer, and whom they work with. In many cases, most other companies like this barely let you look beyond the front window.


Not Faire! You get to see how every corner works, which is awesome! Furthermore, they prefer to deal with people who are properly licensed as a business. Not every company of this nature relies on this! This actually sets them apart from even some giants who simply rely on money instead of legal credentials as an option to do business. And, among some of those giants, the more money you have the more perks you get. For the little guy, this puts them at a disadvantage when trying to compete against someone who has considerably more capital to work with!


Faire doesn’t demand money from you to capitalize on what they can do for you. So in this regard, your small business starts at the same ground zero levels as the giant! In this regard, the only limitations with what you can do within Faire is strictly between you and their terms.


This, simply put, makes Faire fair!

Faire Is Fair

However, fair is fair! Please don’t think I’m dissing sites like Amazon and others simply because they don’t operate the same way Faire does! Where sites like Amazon, etc. require money from you to maximize your exposure with them, they don’t always require a business license from you. With Faire, that business license is technically your fee to maximize your exposure with them. When you factor in the cost of acquiring a business license, then this is a cost you must cough up if you wish to do business with them.


Truth be told, whether you opt to do business with Faire or not, registration of your company with a business license of some sort is highly recommended! If you really are serious about making the most out of your own personal venture, whatever it is, getting as legal as you possibly can be in your best interest. Yes, it’s going to cost, but it’s a small price to pay as it will either reduce or eliminate complications revolving around taxes!

“Fairely” Speaking

One of the first things I looked for when I first learned about Faire was who they actually are, what they do, and if there’s some sort of affiliate program I could take part in. I’ve already tapped in a bit who Faire is, but if you truly wish to know who they are and what they do, your best bet is to simply check them out for yourself.


As far as engaging in any form of an affiliate program, the benefits you receive as a Faire associate land squarely on exposure and how well retailers will respond to what you have to offer as a seller. This is ideal for folks who are engaged in an e-commerce program as a supplier. If you have a brand you would like to promote, then Faire is perfect! It gets you exposure, something of which you need! It can help you get conversions you otherwise may not receive!


I have actually been more successful with Faire as a seller than I have through any other platform I chose to get involved in so far, including even my own websites! So, this is a decision I don’t regret! This connection also gives you exposure to wholesalers, who in turn will sell to retailers. If they like what you have enough, they will buy from you! If their customers buy from them what you’ve supplied, guess what? Those wholesalers will return to you for more!

Faire Exchange

Now, as far as some sort of affiliation payout goes, each referral that joins through you as a Faire affiliate gets you $200!  This, plus Faire acting as an affiliate on your own behalf by placing your brand within their marketplace, is a pretty decent setup for those striving to succeed!  The percentage of payouts in that regard is listed below.


Now, while you don’t have to pay some sort of membership fee for a spot within their Faire Marketplace, there are fees involved to consider. For each payout you receive from them via sales, there is a 3% payout fee. Furthermore, if your product is sold through their Faire Marketplace, they will take commission ranging from 0-25%. Listed below is a further breakdown as to how that commission formula works;


0% – There is no commission on orders from your existing stockists and self-sourced prospects. You’ll lock in 0% commission for these retailers when they order through a Faire Direct link by your design. As an added benefit, these customers may be eligible to receive Faire’s payment terms and sign-up benefits.


15% – They help you convert first-time buyers into lifelong customers through their customer relationship management (CRM) and email marketing tools.


25% – They charge a one-time referral fee of 10% on top of the standard commission rate when a new customer discovers you on Faire’s Marketplace. This rate only applies to the first order of a new customer! Future reorders will be at the 15% rate.


It's Time To Play Faire!

In All Due Fairness

So, what if you’re not a brand and you actually want to be the wholesaler? If it is your preference to carry brands on your website as a reseller, you can do this as well. With Faire’s setup, all you need is enough verification on your end to prove you are indeed legit. You don’t pay for a monthly subscription, nor anything beyond that commission rate we just covered previously.


When you look at the matter from this point of view, it seems fair enough! This is ideal for drop shippers, retailers, and wholesalers who simply want solid product lines from reliable suppliers as a means to support their own business. And, another nice little highlight here is you don’t have to strictly rely on the internet to run your business!


If you have an actual storefront that has a street address where customers can come and go as they please, you can stock up your store and sell whatever you wish within it. Not all brands will have this feature available to offline sellers, but some do! (I happen to be one of them!)

It's Time To Play Faire!

Faire Game

Within Faire, all is fair game! Between brands and resellers, they help reach out to potential customers that are seeking products that interest them. Faire has a good “size up” system where whatever is at the top of the list where consumers are concerned, they will scour whom among their marketplace has that potential “it” item to meet the demand. At this point, they couldn’t care less if you are a giant within the e-commerce world or a startup that nobody has even heard of yet! All they want is a fair system between buyers and sellers that are interested in doing nothing more than, well, buying and selling!

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