October 24, 2021

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Let’s Ride! (2022 KTC RC 390 Review)

2022 KTM RC 390

This 2022 KTM RC 390 machine firmly plants its roots on the racetrack!  It features a race-derived styling and an impressive technology package.  Between this and the handling characteristics and power delivery, the superbike shows promise as a world racer with a world-class pedigree!

Let’s Get Mechanical!

The engine that runs the 2022 KTM RC 390 to its full potential is the undisputed 373 cc liquid-cooled, single-cylinder four-stroke.  This world-class churns out powerful performance through its revised engine mapping, improved torque figures, and a smoother, yet hard-hitting power delivery!


The ultra-lightweight frame design also saves 3.3 lbs (1,5 kg) over the previous generation contributes a performance improvement towards this model!


Because of this new style, the trellis frame and bold-on subframe help improve this machine’s high-speed ability, as well as increase the rider feel.  This brings about a faster ride, especially in its lap performance!

2022 KTM RC 390All About Structure

The clip-on handlebars feature a 10 mm height adjustment, designed to chase down lap times!  This is a perfect setup for riders!  It’s now easier to adjust between racing positions and casual drives!


The bodywork of the 2022 KTM RC 390 echoes the design of the KTM RC16 racer with its 2-wheeled racing style, ergonomics, and factory-inspired color options.  It also has the all-new TFT dashboard that allows the rider to see all the important information at a quick glance!


This allows easy adjustments to see through its switchgear.  The adaptive ambient light sensor also allows the display to automatically change light conditions.  This enables you to maintain optimal visibility, regardless if it happens to be night or day!

Let’s Get Technical

  • Engine Specs
    • 6-speed transmission
    • liquid-cooled cooling system
    • 32 kW power
    • electrical starter system
    • 60 mm stroke
    • 89 mm bore
    • PASC anti-hopping mechanically operated clutch system
    • 373 cm displacement
    • BOSCH Embedded Memory System (EMS) with RBW
    • 1-cylinder, 4-stroke engine design
    • wet sump lubrication

  • Chassis
    • Bosch 9.1MP Two-Channel ABS (Supermoto Automatic Braking System)
    • 320 mm front brake disc diameter
    • 230 mm rear brake disc diameter
    • Four-piston radial fixed caliper located at the front brake
    • Two-piston radial fixed caliper located at the rear brake
    • 520 X-Ring chain
    • Steel trellis frame design, powder-coated
    • WP APEX 43 front suspension
    • WP APEX Monoshock rear suspension
    • 66.4 steering head angle

Dynamic Control

The update of KTC’s 2022 RC 390 features new physical dynamics that improve this supercycle’s ergonomics.  The narrower fit between the knees provides a smoother ride movement with the largest possible contact area.


This makes the control of this machine feel more intuitive!

Sleeker & Stronger

Despite the stronger bodyweight of the KTC 2022 RC 390 being 3.3 lbs lighter, the new tank is larger, now holding up to 3.6 gallons of fuel!


The bike’s new design improves torque and throttle performance!  Also, the new sensors also provide more precise mapping!


And, the new wheels also take away 7.5 lbs of spinning, unsprung mass!  This makes the superbike easier to handle, especially at tight corners and high speeds!


As for the suspension, the 43 mm upgrade inverts an open-cartridge WP APEX fork at the front.  It is also adjustable for compression dampening on the left, as it rebounds on the right.  The single WP APEX rear shock absorber gives preload and five clicks of rebound adjustment.

2022 KTC RC 390 Review (by Bennetts Bike)


According to the overall reviews revolving around the 2022 KTM RC 390, it seems mostly favorable!  So, when it becomes available as of March 2022, if you’re in the market for a new, lightweight superbike, this might be the one for you!

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