October 24, 2021

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Lost Your Heart? Where Is It?

Lost your heart?

Is Your Heart Lost?

You say you lost your heart and you don’t know where it is?  Well, where did you last put it?  You need to be wary of where you put your heart because this is where the rest of you will be! Most of your time and effort will go into whatever it is that’s tugging you. Whether it be something personally related or professionally, this is where your primary focus will be!

Your heart is tornYour Heart Is Torn

The song, “Torn Between Two Lovers” also applies to the everyday life of a human being that lives in a world where a flurry of options constantly bombards us like a tidal wave. Believe it or not, you are constantly torn between two loves yourself!
While it may not necessarily be the lustful concept the title of the song mentioned suggests, there is a constant division within yourself where the angel on your one shoulder urges you to do one thing while the devil on the other shoulder is coaxing you to do something else!

Watch Your Shoulder!

Which shoulder are you listening to? I know the spirit within you, is listening to the angel on your right shoulder. It’s always on the right shoulder because it’s always in the right!
Meanwhile, the flesh prefers to listen to the devil that’s sitting on your left shoulder! Like a melodic coo, it’s doing whatever it can to convince you that it’s better for you to cave into temptation than it is to resist it.
And that’s not true! While there’s nothing against pursuing personal wants and desires, there is a series of factors you need to look into before making a decision that could deliver a devastating boomerang effect!

Watch That Boomerang!

Boomerangs can be vicious! When you don’t see it coming, it will hit you hard! Even when you do see it coming, you better be able to react to avoid its impact!
Are you able to do that? How fast are your reflexes? How good is your judgment?
Truth be told, if you have a boomerang coming your way, odds are your judgment wasn’t good enough! For if it was, you wouldn’t have to go into defense mode to avoid injury!

Practice Better Judgment!

The ability to discern the difference between what really is good for you overall as opposed to a mere feel-good moment that’s temporary at best boils down to how you exercise your judgment.
Before making that decision, it’s in your best interest to simply slow down and think before proceeding!
Curious how many times you’ve acted in haste about something, only to realize later that if you had just exercised more patience, it could have gone better? This is a common feeling among so many people as nobody seems immune to the practice of what is really a bad judgment call on their part!

Consult Before Deciding!

The biggest reason why so many people make so many bad decisions is that they fail to consult the spirit within them as to what course of action they should do! Being too hasty is often your ear choosing to hear the devil on your left shoulder.

Smooth Operator

That devil is smooth! He knows his craft well, which is toying with your mind! This is achieved through a marketing scheme of his own, all designed to deceive you with pleasantries, thus hiding the truth of the ugliness that sits behind it!
He knows your mind isn’t mature enough to make a good decision on its own! And, he also knows your heart is too easily distracted by what your eyes first see! Because of this, he will coax you to act on impulse instead of exercising that needed discernment you should be practicing!

However, that angel on your right shoulder will always urge you to check your inner spirit before making any move! It knows that the spirit within you, if mature enough, won’t lie to you! Unlike the heart and mind, it’s not so easily corrupted!

Spiritual Guidance

This is a big topic of debate with much division! People like yoga instructors and guidance counselors will promote their idea of how you should connect with your inner self.  Meanwhile, people who are wary of their art will demand you not fall for their teachings!
Which one is telling the truth? Who is truly qualified to give you that spiritual guidance you need in order to stop making bad decisions?  Unless you move past the obstacles your heart and mind have placed before you, it will fall upon deaf ears!

Treasure Hunting

If your heart listens to your mind more, which tends to listen to the devil on your left shoulder too often for its own good, then your spirit hasn’t been nurtured enough to recognize real gold from fool’s gold!
However, if your heart chooses to pay closer attention to the spirit within you, it will tell your mind to grow up and pay attention! Upon doing this, the angel on your right shoulder will lead you to a treasure that’s far more valuable than you can possibly imagine!

Lost Your Heart?Shoulder Check!

Opting to listen to the devil on your left shoulder will result in you having to look behind it constantly! Making this mistake always results in consequences that will follow you everywhere you go! Even should you succeed in obtaining the treasure you seek, the battle to keep will begin! And, it will intensify over time for as long as you continue to run from a judgment call that will catch up to you no matter what!
Listening to the angel on your right shoulder will also have followers chasing after you! Already in doing this, you’ve obtained a valuable treasure map that’s failproof! Because of this, bandits will stop at nothing to catch up and rob you!

Stay Focused!

However, for as long as you continue to trust the angel on your right shoulder, which is in direct contact with the spirit within you, as well as the only guidance counselor qualified to help you, you really have nothing to worry about!
While I do encourage the regular shoulder check to make sure you do keep the enemy at bay, I don’t encourage you to panic! Panic leads to making rash decisions, all of which tugs you into the devil’s playground. Once there, you have no chance! Once there, you will stumble, even if you happen to be looking straight ahead!
Keep looking ahead and keep communicating with that spirit within you! And no, not by whatever means worldly “experts” suggest you do! They don’t know you! Only your spirit does! In fact, it knows you better than you even know yourself! So, again, who is best qualified to help you tap into your potential? If you’ve answered this correctly, then that your mind, heart, body, and spirit are all in the right place! Then and only then will you truly obtain the one and only treasure cache that will be of any use to you!

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