October 21, 2021

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Making Quality Impressions

Making Quality Impressions

Making Quality ImpressionsAbout Making Quality Impressions

That all-important need in making quality impressions upon the first contact is the one element that sets apart the successful from the unsuccessful!  Any failure to accomplish this from the get-go will make each step taken from this point forward more difficult.  For many, there are no second chances!


This is especially true when it comes to applying for a job.  The need to impress the person in charge of hiring you first needs to succeed with the resume, and then the interview.  In some cases, there may be two interviews involved!



Product Impressions

Like job interviews, the need to impress the audience you are reaching out to is vital!  Again, failure to do this may prevent you from gaining a second chance to win over the attention of a potential customer who bounced out just as fast as came in!  Whether it’s a brick-and-mortar shop, or an internet-based site, unless you have something to dazzle the visitor, their interest simply won’t be there!



Printable Impressions

The purpose behind this article is to point people who are looking into doing business in the competitive world of e-commerce where to go for printable designs from companies that have provided quality products and services.


Affiliate Link Notice – Not only do I personally do business with them for my own brand of products I design and sell but am also an affiliate of theirs.  There are links involved, but I will not list anybody whom I feel doesn’t deserve the recognition!


Apliiq – This company has an awesome product line to choose from!  Their service provides so many possibilities!  Their application program is easy to use, as well as the direct integration you can establish with the likes of Shopify!



Let’s reflect on Shopify!  What I love about Shopify is how they work with many print-on-demand companies, as well as e-commerce sites, to help brands and sellers make their businesses as successful as possible!



EPROLO PODEPOLO – Their print-on-demand services are available to anyone who wishes to do business with them.  For those who have something set up with Shopify, the integration between these two is nothing short of fantastic!  The moment you create something from EPROLO and have it ready to market, the link button instantly hooks up your creation to Shopify!  You can, at that point, check it out in your shop’s set up there and make whatever changes you feel needs to be made.



Fuel – The service they provide is primarily accessed through Shopify.  The beauty of this setup is you can integrate the two together and arrange yourself a nice product line you can feature on a store you’d set up with Shopify directly!



Gelato – With their excellent integration with Etsy and Shopify, their print-on-demand service makes it easy for you to come up with creations of your own through the canvas of items they have!  They have a stellar reputation for delivering a fast, yet quality product!



Imprinted – They offer a print-on-demand service that also dropships according to your specifications.  There are also free integration opportunities should your business be connected via Etsy, Shopify, Wix, or WooCommerce.  Handy!



PrintfulPrintful – This is one of three personal favorites for a multitude of reasons!  The favorite feature is being able to play with their design options to create truly unique patterns that I have yet to see become available with other print-to-order services!



PrintifyPrintify – One of the three favorites that I use often with my product designs!  Their print-on-demand service is truly top-notch!  Also, I have personally dealt with their customer service team and they were awesome!  They make it extremely easy for e-commerce sites to integrate with the likes of Etsy, Shopify, and so many more!



Yoycol – This is one of the three favorites for me!  I’ve only been with them for a short period of time and have already experienced a flurry of product creation opportunities that is extremely difficult to match!



Faire Influence

In addition to my highly recommended setup with Shopify as you work with print-on-demand services of your choosing, is to consider hooking up with Faire as well!  It’s free to sign up with them and set yourself up as a brand!  The integration link between Faire and Shopify is an excellent means to expand to an even wider audience so that you can sell more products!

Here’s my “Faire Story” about what I think of them!



Popular By Demand

Should you be looking into any form of an e-commerce site, whether it be as a brand or as a seller, you have it in you to literally become popular by demand!  You want to know what makes the likes of Alibaba, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Shopify become the giants of online shopping what they are?  It’s all due to people like you!  When you ignite that pioneering spirit within you, suddenly what seems like the impossible grab is now sitting in your own lap!

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