October 24, 2021

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Modestly Modalyst

Modestly ModalystWho Is Modalyst?

Modalyst connects suppliers to drop shippers who are looking for products to showcase through their e-commerce based website.  There are three different levels you can choose for yourself while using their platform.

Starting Small

Are you new to the world of dropshipping?  Whether you’re someone looking to sell your brand through a network, or a reseller looking for products to display, the Hobby option is a good way for you to see what both of you can do together!


That is how I started in what felt like eons ago!  Originally, I intended to start small and stay small.  Modalyst is ideal for this as there are so many options you can go with!  If you have an e-commerce site with a specific niche, Modalyst can help you with that!


I started off with the pet supplies niche when I first started with Modalyst.  When I first hooked up with them I went in as a reseller.  Instantly, my favorite product line came from Puccissime Pet Couture, which I still have featured on my sister site, Pioneer Kitty Market.  I love the uniqueness of their stuff!


As much as I love Puccissime Pet Couture, there was just one problem.  While on the Hobby level I could only access (and supply) up to 25 products.  Again, if you want to start small and stay small, this works!


However, if you want to kick it up a notch where you can play with up to 250 products, either as a reseller or supplier, there is the Start-up plan, which is valued at $30 per month.  Through this route, you have more room to work with.  Because I liked Puccissime Pet Couture so much and they have so much stuff, I upgraded!


But, I didn’t just upgrade to the Start-up plan!  This worked out to be at a timing where I discovered one solid niche I do have is product design.  So, I have since started learning the ropes of how to become a supplier!  The Pioneer Kitty Market, as well as the recently launched Shopify Kitty Market, have both exploded with product designs of their own, as well as carrying as a reseller on behalf of suppliers whom I associate with most from Modalyst.

No Limits!

The amount of products available from Modalyst is huge!  For me, I’m on Modalyst’s Pro plan (valued at $67 per month) and it is a decision I don’t regret in the slightest!  Through Modalyst, not only do I have access to scores of premium suppliers that have awesome products, but I also have a remarkable connection to Alibaba and Aliexpress as well!


Currently, as a supplier, I carry over 300 products I’ve designed on my own.  At the moment, I have close to 100 resellers who have listed what I offer on their own websites.

Dream Tag Team

Teamed with Modalyst is Shopify.  Oh, and what a team they make!  There is a beautiful integration set up between these two giants that make it ultra-easy for you, as a supplier, to make good use of when you come up with your own stuff!


Now, for anybody who uses print-on-demand services that also sync with Shopify, imagine what you can do!  If it’s anything like my imagination, there are no limits!


The syncing of products between Shopify and Modalyst is superb!  As someone who has been zealously trying to sync as many e-commerce based platforms as possible together, none of them have the level of ease as the connection between Modalyst and Shopify!

Elite Customer Service

When I made the decision to become a supplier, I knew there was an approval process I had to undergo.  That part is easy as all you are doing is selling yourself as a reliable brand.  And no, it doesn’t matter at this point if you’re at the pro level like I am, or if you’re at the hobby level like so many others are!


For some that may seem a bit irked about Modalyst wanting to go over your credentials as a supplier, please bear in mind that Modalyst wants to make sure the supplier is legit!  The last thing Modalyst wants is someone pretending to be a supplier, but is really nothing more than just another scammer!


When I went through the application process, I asked many questions.  I remember the customer service people I dealt with at the time.  Jill and Jose were both phenomenal!  In truth, they are the very reasons why I jumped straight from the hobby level to pro!

Ace Problem Solvers

Recently, I did experience an integration issue between Shopify and Modalyst.  That issue also affected the connection I had with the two accounts that I have with Modalyst.  I’m a supplier and reseller at the same time there.


(This is now the part I tell you I only had to pay for this once, not twice!  Keep this in mind should you go the same path I’m on now!)


Needless to say, I got rather flustered and brought up the matter to Modalyst.  The moment I did this, the crew of Modalyst acted like jackrabbits and were quick to fix the problem, which turned out to be a technical hiccup.


I remember Jill telling me on a Friday the problem should be fixed by Monday.  But, it was already fixed as of Saturday morning!


Again, this proved how stellar their customer service is, as well as their problem-solving skills!

Highly Recommended

Modalyst is highly recommended for anybody who is seriously considering the niche of e-commerce!  I would also recommend making good use of Shopify!  You need Shopify anyway in order to work with Modalyst as a supplier should you choose to go that route.  For me, as a supplier, opted to make the best out of it and upgraded my account from freebie to paid at Shopify as well.

Additional Suggestions

For those who are looking to become suppliers, here is the easiest strategy to go where you can make the best out of three worlds.


  1. Hook up with Modalyst (I’d recommend become a supplier and reseller.  This way you can see how your made product looks to those who see it as a reseller.)
  2. Create (and upgrade) with Shopify (The upgrade gains you more access to services that will be helpful!)
  3. Go to Printify and create an account with them.  They have a fabulous array of products you can work with as canvasses to put forth your designs!

The 1-2-3

Printify has an excellent integration sync system with Shopify!  Straight from the Shopify platform, you can access your Printify account and start coming up with your own creations!  And, the beauty with Shopify is while you set up shop through them you have a store you can promote online however you feel like doing it!  (I tend to go with Facebook, Gab, and Pinterest.)


It may take a bit of trial and error before you get the hang of it, but the customer service with the Printify team is also very good at helping you wherever you need it!


Once you’ve created your masterpiece and edit the description and pricing to your liking, just click the save and publish icons.  Printify will automatically send this to your Shopify products roster.  Shopify then, in turn, will sync your creation to your supplier account with Modalyst.


And, just like that, that 1-2-3 power punch has just put forth a solid stream you can easily work with as someone who is selling your brand to an audience who will sign up as resellers and literally act like affiliates to support your brand!

Subscription Offer

If you’d like to stay in the know with what we’ve been up to, please subscribe!  In so doing, you become part of the Pioneer Spirit Network where your name is automatically entered in the monthly draw we hold over at the Pioneer Kitty Market site.  Each month a winner receives $250 in “Kitty Bucks” they can spend on anything from its catalog that continues to expand!