October 24, 2021

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No, Not The Couch!

No, Not The Couch!

No, Not The Couch!Hey, Don’t Scratch The Couch!

Speaking as a bonafide member of the Crazy Cat Lady Club, I can testify how it’s a constant struggle to keep the kitties away from scratching the couch, as well as the rest of the furniture!




Don’t Declaw!

There are still people who believe it is okay to declaw a cat as a means to protect their furniture.  Sadly, they’re not taking into consideration this is taking away a cat’s ability to properly function as a cat!  A growing number of communities have gone as far as classifying declawing cats as animal cruelty, a criminal act punishable by law!


Furthermore, if you want a cat in your life you need to understand that you are agreeing to be a parent, so to speak, for as long as that cat is with you!  As a parent of a child, would you make arrangements to have their fingernails removed because one scratched you for some given reason?  As ridiculous as that just sounded, it’s no more so than suggesting it’s perfectly alright to do the same thing to the kitty!

Don't Declaw

Think First!

Whether it be a cat, dog, or any given animal of choice, you’re agreeing to be more than simply a pet owner!  You’re also signing up to be that animal’s version of a god as it will be your responsibility to oversee its well-being!  Among bible believers, God is the ultimate caregiver who makes sure His people are well treated.  Anything less than this is simply unacceptable!


Should you choose the role as a god for the animal you adopt (in this case a cat) then you have to make sure you are fit for that role without compromise!  Sadly, way too many animals (especially cats) are given up on by people who’ve failed to bring themselves to the level of pet care that’s needed!



Claw Care

There are a number of practices you can exercise as the parent of a cat.  Like anything of value, regular care and maintenance are required to maintain optimal conditions.  This doesn’t just apply to objects, but to you and your cat as well!

Instead of declawing, trim instead!  Keeping kitty’s claws neatly trimmed on a regular basis will reduce their sharpness.  Getting into a regular routine doing this is far less stressful for both you and the kitty!



I'm Buyable! Just click on me for more info!Claw Caps

If routine claw care isn’t enough, you can also take it a step further by using caps that will cover those claws.  This is a humane method, favored by veterinarians and pet care specialists alike!  And, some of those caps can be rather snazzy!



Avoiding Heartache!

Pet shelters and the streets are overwhelmed with abandoned cats!  Between the lack of compassion from people who are unable to exercise better judgment and situations that truly are beyond their control, both no-kill and high-kill shelters have to face this gut-wrenching reality on a daily basis!  This is unfair to the cats, as well as those who work at these shelters!  It’s also unfair to people of compassion who try to help homeless cats the best they can, despite the cruelties of a harsh world that simply doesn’t care!


Simply put, furniture can be replaced!  And, despite contrary beliefs, cats cannot!  Sure, you may replace one cat with another, but what you’re doing is messing with the lives of animals that likely would have been better off without you!  An unfair cast of judgment upon them that is not really their fault is, simply put, wrong!  Unless the cat has very serious medical conditions where it’s the humane thing to do to put them down, there’s no reason why personal vanities should overcome the value of life at any given time!




Whether or not you already have a cat in your home, and regardless of its age, you can work out a strategy where you and the kitty can live together without stressing over the fate of your furniture!



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Smarter Furniture Investment

Should you be a cat fancier, one of the smartest moves you can make when it comes to furniture is to favor materials that have proven to be scratch-resistant!


  • Microfiber

    It’s comfortable and can withstand the first few scratches should the kitty make the attempt!  It’s a great choice because it can be just as stylish as it is comfortable  Also, for the most part, kitties prefer scratching with the material they can really dig their claws into.  The better quality microfiber furniture makes it difficult for them to do that, so this increases the odds for the kitty to find something else.

  • Faux/Synthetic Suede

    I'm Buyable! Click on the pic for more info!Because it’s so tightly woven, your cat won’t see anything loose enough to give it a reason to scratch on it!  Should an attempt be made, the lack of material for the kitty to do what comes naturally will give them cause to locate other scratching options.

  • Denim

    The durability of denim, plus its tightly knit design, makes this fabric an ideal choice!  Again, cats will not waste much of their time digging their claws into something they can’t really dig into!  Denim is too tough!  Also, for the interest of long-lasting furniture that can be every bit as stylish as it is durable, denim has proven to be a highly favored choice among cat parents.

  • I'm Buyable! Click on the pic for more info!Synthetic Acrylic, Nylon, Polyester, or Rayon

    These synthetic materials have been designed for the primary focus of durability, especially among pet owners of both cats and dogs!  Over time, furniture made from these fabrics has become more fashionable.



I'm Buyable! Click on the pic for more info!Strategic Distractions

While the fabrics mentioned as ideal scratch-proof furniture have proven their benefits, there are more stubborn cats who will still at least try to dig their claws into the seemingly impenetrable!  Regardless of the circumstances, it is highly recommended to have nearby backups in place that improve the odds of your furniture’s survival!



Discriminating Discrimination

There’s no discrimination on their part as for kitty, anything and everything they can dig their claws into is fair game!  Again, this is instinctual!  There is no malice intended on the kitty’s part!  While, yes, it’s good to scold kitty while caught in the act, forever holding a grudge against it is not!

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Your best bet, even with “cat proof” furniture in your house, is to strategically place objects that are far more likely to win kitty’s attention as a kitty condo, scratch mat,  or scratching post than whatever it is you want to be kept safe!


Items that serve as an official scratching station, parked close to where you normally relax give the kitty something it deems better to focus on but stay close to you as well!  Cats are territorial!  Part of the reason behind their constant need to scratch is a means for them to claim territory.  Wherever you are, kitty claims that territory regardless if it’s the only animal in the house or not!  This is kitty’s way of letting you know (out of affection) that it’s scratching to protect territory and that includes you!



Financial Control

Before assuming parenthood over a cat, make sure you have considered the financial obligations involved.  Many pet owners don’t do this and this is another reason why their failure brings about too many animals that find themselves on the receiving end of a disaster that could have easily been avoided!


While there’s not much we can do when it comes to unexpected financial hardship, we can still at least iron out workable solutions so that nobody finds themselves in a situation they don’t deserve!  And, yes, this includes rehoming kitty due to financial reasons that should have been factored in at the very beginning!


One of those financial reasons is being smart enough to “cat-proof” your home to avoid the high cost of furniture replacement, and other objects that are just too tempting for a kitty to ignore!  Getting mad at a kitty for destroying an object should really have that anger directed elsewhere because it’s not really their fault!  Just like people, cats love toys!  However, unlike people, cats can’t read “warning” labels of what’s okay to play with and what isn’t!




Protect Your Couch!I'm Buyable! Click on the pic for more info!

There are a number of ways you can protect your furnishings from those sharp claws kitty loves to use on it!  Between chair covers of various sizes, scratch guards, and other deterrents, there are a number of solutions you can use.


I'm Buyable! Click on the pic for more info!

Yes, you can still protect your furniture and your sanity while keeping kitty at home!  And no, you don’t have to have awkward furniture coverings that take away any attempt of beauty you want in your home!


As previously mentioned, fabrics such as microfiber, faux suede, denim, and synthetics (acrylic, nylon, polyester, and rayon) are most effective when it comes to protecting furniture from claws!



Work With Your Cat(s)

The key to the best possible relationship with your cat is to simply be patient and work with it as if you’ve just adopted a child into your own life!  Make no mistake, it’s not just into your home you’ve chosen to bring in a cat!  There will be a spiritual connection!  But, how you work with that connection is up to you!


Yes, like people, cats have their own personalities!  Yes, like people, cats have attitudes!  And, just like people, cats have feelings too!  The more love and patience they sense from you the more they will work with you!  You are their version of a mom/dad, so be responsible enough to act as good of one as you can be!

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