October 21, 2021

Pioneer Spirit Market

Ignite that pioneering spirit within!

Pioneer Kitty Market (Sister Site)

Pioneer Kitty Market works with Pioneer Spirit Market to bring the works of independent designers to you through its website by offering a wide variety of products and services.

Are you a curious cat?

Pioneer Kitty Marketeers

Although it’s a newer site and undergoing renovation, the “Marketeers” focus on the spiritual and whimsical within their product line.  There are many independent designers supported with Pioneer Kitty Market, as well as Pioneer Spirit Market.  We’re all in agreement that we are all one, bringing forth our unique styles as we see fit.


Both as individuals and as a team, there’s agreement that people with ignited spirits are the most vibrant members of the human race.  Without them, the world would be a dull place!  You are a spark that can help move things the way they should!  Both Pioneer Kitty Market and Pioneer Spirit Market acknowledge this, so collectively we leave opportunities for you to seize.  And no, not just as a customer!  We know there’s more value to you than that!


You are a person, created by God, who didn’t put you on this planet to be just another cog in the wheel!  He’s given you the spirit of life, one which is up to you to do as you will with it.  Don’t by any means allow anybody to tell you otherwise!  You and your spirit matter!  Of those who make the most of it, they shine as bright as the sun.  Of those who aren’t quite there yet, don’t give up!  God didn’t give you the spirit of some whiny quitter!  He gave you a spirit of fire you can tap into so you can become the best version of yourself!


Between Pioneer Kitty Market and Pioneer Spirit Market, our objective is to lift your spirits wherever we can.  Between words of encouragement and our associations with great sources that include products and services, this is how we go about it.