October 21, 2021

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Print (On Demand) Of Interest

Print on Demand

Print Of Interest, By Demand

When it comes to print-on-demand services, what do you look for?  I don’t know about you, but here are my top five things I look for when it comes to shopping for a print-on-demand service that works best for me;


  1. Price
  2. Reliability
  3. Integration
  4. Customer Reviews
  5. Easy Interface


Before looking into anything else, I check on the pricing system of the print-on-demand service to see if the rates are reasonable.  For me, I prefer quality, so I base my research on that first.  I don’t want the cheapest thing money can buy!  What I do want is quality products I can work with that don’t cost a fortune to print!  I want to be able to sell those products to customers that will be happy with their purchase!


Not only do I look into how much the product and service will cost, but what to expect to pay when it comes to shipping.  Some print-on-demand services will work with shipping companies according to their rates while others make up their own prices.  Be sure to do your homework here!


Price doesn’t mean a thing if the service is unreliable!  You want to be sure whoever you deal with has a proven track record of providing a reliable service!  If there are too many red flags that suggest the print-on-demand service you’re looking has then avoid them!  It’s not worth the risk to lose customers due to issues caused by a third party whose quality standards may not mesh with your own!


Quality print-on-demand services offer a handy integration link to established e-commerce platforms such as Etsy, Shopify, Wix, and WooCommerce.  In all honesty, if you have a print-on-demand service that hasn’t been verified by Shopify, then don’t waste your time with them!


I don’t mean to sound mean against print-on-demand services that don’t integrate with Shopify, but if someone is serious about their e-commerce business that involves print-on-demand services then you need to make your venture as low-maintenance as possible!  Quality print-on-demand services seem to have a solid understanding of this and will actually work with platforms they know to go out of their way to work with you!

Customer Reviews

The best source of information regarding any product or service typically comes from customer reviews.  But, don’t just rely on a single site for those reviews!  Go through at least two others that will have something to say about whomever you’re researching about.  If you’re already with Shopify, the will also be an opportunity to go over some customer review sites from there.

Easy Interface

Some print-on-demand sites have a great interface system you can work with as you pattern out something on a product of your choosing!  For me, I have my own personal list of my five favorites, which are;

  • Interest Print
  • Jet Print
  • Printful
  • Printify
  • Yoycol

Interest Print

I just recently started with Interest Print and love the variety their product line has to offer!  For someone like me, who loves to play with a canvas that’s easy to work with, I do find it enjoyable.  I like how easy it integrates with Shopify, which is really important to me.  I have a very large collection of products and I need a system that allows a good integration set up so that I can track everything I sell.


Interest PrintOne little drawback I do find from Interest Print is they are a bit glitchy.  I have to refresh when going from finishing the design of a product to seeing the page that has my collection.

Jet Print

Jet PrintFor somebody who wants an awesome variety of products to choose from as a canvas, Jet Print is this!  And, it has a relatively easy template to work with!  The integration they have set up with Shopify is a major draw for me to keep coming back and work with a print-on-demand service that truly proves they are world-class!


I wish they had a better pattern system where the struggle to layer things out wasn’t so tedious!  I’m also rather annoyed each time I publish a product over to Shopify that it continually asks me to review them.  I don’t want to constantly have to X out the box each time I create something new!



When it comes to the ease of using templates from Printful, I love it!  Of all the print-on-demand services I’ve so far accessed, they are my favorite for this!  They also have training programs revolving around e-commerce and print-on-demand services that I recommend people to view!  They have an awesome integration process that works with a multitude of platforms!


The only issue I have against Printful is I wish there was more product variety.  Although they do have an impressive amount of products to work with, I found there was a bit of a lack in a few areas.


PrintifyOh, how I love Printify!  They have a great selection of products to choose from!  They also have a very easy template to work with so you can work out that perfect design for your item!  And, like Printful, they work with a multitude of e-commerce platforms with a much easier integration process than most other print-on-demand services!


I am a wee bit miffed Printify doesn’t have a layering system like Jet Print and Printful do.  If they did, I would be working with them much more than I do already!


I love Yoycol!  So many products to work with!  For me, it’s a playground of design opportunities!  I will admit of the five print-on-demand services I’ve listed, Yoycol has to be a personal favorite as far as the variety of products go!


However, while the integration between Yoycol and e-commerce platforms like Shopify is easy enough to establish, the maintenance required for each item you create out of Yoycol that you share with Shopify is too tedious for my liking!  Unlike the others, you have to manually add product availability for each listing, at each size, on Shopify.  For someone like me, who seems to have a shopping mall of items going, this is a wee bit annoying!  I’ve actually had to stop myself from creating more items out of Yoycol because I’m worried I may overdo it and spend more time fixing the inventory issues instead of what I’d rather be doing!

Smart Impressions

Should you be looking into e-commerce and utilize a print-on-demand service, make sure you do your homework!  Be smart enough to hook up with whoever fits what you’re looking for best!  Do the P.R.I.C.E. system I mentioned earlier and apply that to the five print-on-demand companies I just listed.  Do any of them work for you?  There are a few others I’m going to list off that also deserve honorable mention;

  • Apliiq
  • Fuel
  • Gelato
  • Imprinted


Appiiq Print-on-Demand Service

The customer reviews revolving around Apliiq are stellar!  I do work with Apliiq and will admit they are fantastic!  Their primary focus is on clothing, which if this is the e-commerce niche you wish to stick to, this would work!


There is an easy integration between Apliiq and Shopify, which I highly recommend using!  The only real issue I have with Apliiq is I feel their templates should be a bit easier to work with.


I have a few items from EPROLO that are featured on Shopify and a few other e-commerce platforms.  EPROLO is easy to work with and they have a good selection of items.  The template is very easy to navigate!


EPROLOThe only thing I have against EPROLO is the lack of mockups to work with.  Instead of allowing you to see how your design will look on something like a towel, the display merely looks like what you just did was a poster!


Fuel Print on Demand

What makes Fuel cool as a print-on-demand service is the simplicity of its templates.  They also have a really good integration link with platforms like Shopify.  If your focus is a decent line of apparel, plus a few other items, what Fuel offers is a solid delivery of goods with quality print.


I honestly don’t have anything negative to say about Fuel other than a limit on the number of products there are to work with.  But, this is not a bad thing!  I still stick with them for items I feel are of superior quality to many other print-on-demand services.


GelatoThe best way to work with Gelato is through the Shopify app they share.  What I like about Gelato is I have access to templates I can’t find at any of the other print-on-demand services.  Because of them, I keep them within range, especially when wanting to make products that focus on special occasions!  Gelato mostly earns a five out of five stars with anybody who uses them, and it is a score they rightfully deserve!


I’d likely use Gelato more if there was a better selection of items to work with.  But, in truth, I have no grounds to complain!


Imprinted carries a few items not found anywhere else.  For this reason, I like to go to them as I found some that I really like to carry.  For the most part, they’re easy enough to work with and the work is always high quality!


There are no real issues I have against them at the moment.  Sometimes I do encounter a few communication issues, but nothing serious enough that deserves a complaint.

Showing Off



Love Burst LampFound on FaireNow it’s time to show off a bit of what I have done so far, all thanks to the print-on-demand services I have been using!  I do this not to pat myself on the back, but to show how well the print-on-demand companies I’ve listed do their work!

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