October 21, 2021

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Really, How Is Your Golf Game?

How's Your Golf Game?

How is your golf game?How Is Your Golf Game?

Whether your golf game has you play seriously or casually, the fitness benefits that come from this sport are fantastic!  Between walking the course and swinging the golf ball, your body will receive a workout!


Even if you opt to be a bit lazier by riding the golf cart instead of doing the walk, you’re still moving around!  Just to try and hit that ball alone is enough to get your arms, back, hips, and legs into motion!




Like any sport, the practice of performing a warm-up exercise before starting your game is recommended!  As calm as the sport of golf seems to be on the surface, this is a physically demanding sport that requires your mind, body, and spirit to be as fit as possible!

A quality, warm-up exercise helps loosen up your body so that it can perform at an optimal level.  The five best ways to get those muscles limbered up are;


  • Ball Hitting
  • Body Stretching
  • Loosen Joints
  • Neck Stretching
  • Walking

Ball Hitting

Allow yourself to hit anywhere from 10 to 15 balls, first with short irons and then again with medium irons.  Then, hit the ball about 5 times with a driver.  This helps prepare your body for movement!  It will also help reduce any potential for joint and muscle stiffness.  This is especially helpful for people who experience arthritis!

Body Stretching

Already proven, both in research and by top-rated golfers, stretching the body prior to hitting the course can improve your game by an amazing 17%!  Wow!  For a good fifteen minutes, stretching your whole body before gameplay not only improves your game but reduces the potential for injury!  And, if you have chronic pain (like arthritis) this is an excellent technique that should really be done on a daily basis instead of a golf game!

Loosen Joints

Loosen up those joints with at least 5 lunges per leg!  (10 would be better!)  Ideally, making gentle windmill movements with your shoulders so that you’re working your upper body.  This improves its flexibility!  Before officially starting your game, casually run your body through all the motions you typically perform while golfing.

Neck Stretching

Yes, we covered body stretching, but the neck is all too often overlooked!  The most efficient technique to loosen up those neck muscles is to slowly bring your right ear to your right shoulder and inhale as you move your left shoulder towards the ground.  Then, exhale as you relax that left arm.  Do this five times before switching to where it’s then the left ear to the left shoulder, then exhale as you move your right shoulder downward and relaxing that right arm.  Do this five times also!


A brisk walk around the parking lot for approximately five minutes is a good way to get that blood flowing in your legs!  It will also help your focus!  Also, jogging on the spot for a few minutes is a good way to warm up your whole body!



Available @ Golf Outlets USAProtect Yourself

While golf isn’t known to be a contact sport, there are still measures you need to take to ensure you get through your golf game without issues!  This includes protecting yourself, especially if your game happens to be under the heat of the sun!  Items such as sunglasses, and visors are helpful to protect your eyes!  It would also be recommended to put on a bit of sunscreen!

Two Peas Sunscreen(Please choose wisely when you choose sunscreen!  Not all of them are created equal!  The fewer chemicals involved as ingredients, the better!  Some sunscreens block all of the sun, which robs you of the needed Vitamin D!  Vitamin D is essential for the body to fight off viruses, including COVID-19!)

Quality Equipment Matters

In order to get the best experience out of your golf game, quality equipment really does matter!  If your shoes are not fitting right, this is not good!  If the clothing you wear isn’t comfortable enough, believe it or not, it will affect your game!  And, if you’re working with equipment that simply doesn’t cut it, you are denying yourself a quality golf game you’d otherwise enjoy!

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And no, golf does not mean it’s a “rich man’s” sport!  It’s no more expensive to enjoy a season of golf than it is to participate in any activity that requires equipment!


Have Fun!

The most important factor any golfer should realize is the point is to have fun!  Even if you’re competing in a league, having fun is important!  Without fun, the ability to put the best possible game you can play won’t be there!  The body, mind, and spirit need full stimulation and having fun helps achieve this!  Even if you’re playing competitively, don’t take the game too seriously!

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