December 2, 2021

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Seeds of Faith – Does it Matter?

No matter who we are nor where we come from, planting and nourishing the seeds of faith are vital in order to grow. Whatever it is you’re focused on, whether it be something personal in your life or it’s business-related unless you have that needed faith as part of your motivational factor, you will not move forward!

When people whine “I can’t do this!” that’s deception doing the talking! The spirit within you knows better than this, knowing there is way more to you than perhaps even you realize!

Remember Exodus?

When the Hebrews fled Egypt, no sooner had they crossed the Red Sea did they forget who they are as a people and how much they can actually accomplish if they had only exercised a bit of faith. Of the many thousands that went into the wilderness, only two men (and their families) made it across the Jordan because their faith not once waivered! Caleb and Joshua both had that little mustard seed firmly planted within their psyche that it would only these two of the first generation of freed Hebrews would reach the land that was promised to them as an inheritance through Abraham, Issac, and Jacob (Israel).

Throughout history, even prior to the Holy Bible’s Exodus, it has been repeatedly proven that solid faith, when it’s focused where it needs to be, makes all the difference in the world between success and failure.

Faith is Not Enough!

But, simply having the seed of faith isn’t enough! Even when planted, unless that faith is properly nourished, nothing will spring forth from it! Furthermore, nothing happens overnight! Farmers and gardeners know this best, which they serve as an excellent example of why we need to take a page out of their book and exercise some patience along with that faith.

The two work together. Patience is like the sunshine seeds need in order to soak up their energy. Along with that patience is due diligence. Diligence is like water, one that must be applied within reason in order to help that seed grow.

However, this is where the need to be careful couldn’t possibly be stressed enough. If the water being used to feed the seed is contaminated, your efforts will not be fruitful. Not only does this apply as an obvious gardening tip, but it also applies to what we do as people. When fed acid instead of water, it will have a devastating result. Not only will the seed die, but the soil will also suffer. The soil is our environment. In truth, both the seed and the soil need to stay as healthy as possible.

The more the community gets involved to continue planting and treating quality seeds within such soil, the better the garden as a whole becomes. The better we all become, you included.


We’re often told we need to believe in ourselves and this is true. Without believing in yourself you can do anything, you simply won’t go anywhere no matter how hard you try. However, blind belief isn’t enough! You need to take that seed of faith (belief) and work with it!

  1. Get your seed and plant it in good soil (Hook up with and stick to the movers and shakers who practice what they preach!)
  2. Soak your seed in the sun (Feed off the positives coming from testimonials that matter!)
  3. Feed your seed with quality water (Exercise sound judgment by paying attention to who is doing what right and learn from them.)
  4. Protect your seed (Avoid the bad company of naysayers and whiners!)
  5. Plant more seeds (Share your experience, using your own success stories as a testimony that faith really can make the impossible become possible!)

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