October 23, 2021

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Spirituality Explained

What does it mean to be spiritual? Being spiritual means you, as a person, have embraced a part of yourself that is located within the deepest core of your very being. The definition of spirituality is the quality or state of being spiritual. Whether it be incorporeality or heavenly-mindedness, this is a key component in defining who you are as a person.

Spirituality vs. Religion

Many make the mistake of thinking that spirituality and religion are the same. Religious people are often painted as highly spiritual people, dedicating themselves to their deity of choice through church service, prayer rituals, and other practices. Despite appearances, the truth of the matter is many people who pour their time and energy according to a religious practice do so with an obligatory purpose. In this case, spirituality has nothing to do with it.


Religions are really nothing more than organized policies, created by those who have specific ideas of how to go about worshiping their concept of who God is and what he is all about. Hence, how this brings about something that was brought up in biblical scripture on more than one occasion. The Holy Bible’s Revelation 17:5 best defines what all forms of religious organizations really are;

The “Mother of Harlots” is considered to be the originator of religious organizations that will also be referred to by many as cults. Regardless of how you wish to call it, each religious belief came from someone’s perception of something that gave them due cause to talk about it. If that person’s ability to deliver their account of their beliefs is powerful enough to fully captivate the audience, then the potential of starting a solid following becomes very real.


Interestingly enough, even within the pages of the Holy Bible, there are warnings of many false teachers, along with the doctrine they introduce. Even during the timing of the Babylonian Empire, the people’s division from each other became more evident. They each grouped off, going down paths of their own personal choice, following a belief that appeased them enough to do so. This path, regardless if it’s biblical related or not, is a form of religion. Religious practices don’t always involve deity worship. They can also be about business practices. Most of them have a bible of their own, but in the form of policies and procedures, they expect those within their organization to follow – like religion.


So again, this illustrates how religion and spirituality are not the same. Religion is a path chosen, opting to follow whatever organization is setting the trends that are most appealing to you, the person.


Now, spirituality can pose as a trigger that causes one to choose a specific religion or practice. It is, however, a separate entity from religion entirely. The spirit, when triggered, is a reactor. Religion, when chosen, is an acting decision.

The Spiritual Dance

There is not a single human being that is born without a spirit. We all have this! However, not everybody is at the same spiritual level! This has much to do with our own, personal upbringing as we are exposed from the very first breath we take to whatever environment we’ve been born into.


Some children are born with the advantage of growing up in a loving family environment that fully engages in spiritual activities that are healthy for the soul.

Spritual Maturity

Sadly, some children aren’t so fortunate and will endure a childhood that will test the very core of their being. Pending entirely on how the child’s perception about the matter is received, the spirit within them will respond accordingly. Some will rise up with spiritual maturity that surpasses even most adults while others may find themselves feeling like they’re drowning in a bottomless pit of despair.


For those who mature spiritually quicker than others, this doesn’t always guarantee their spirit is really where it needs to be. Sometimes when it feels like we’re going in the right direction, sometimes we encounter a reality check that proves otherwise. This, just like the one whose spirit hasn’t matured since childhood, can have a devastating impact! The crushing defeat of disappointment and failure will always mark the human psyche. And as a result, compromise spiritual pride where it can either break you or better refine you.

Dancing Spirit

Without a doubt, from the day you were born until even today, your spirit is always dancing. Whether you sense it or not, it’s dancing. The spiritually dull do a zombie dance, one where there doesn’t seem to be any real spark to them. It’s the one dance nobody should ever want to engage in. It literally is a drag! The problem with people stuck is they have lulled themselves into a spiritual coma. Until they learn to snap out of it, this is a slow death that will not only take its toll upon themselves but on those all around them.


The spiritually immature tend to dance in circles. They can’t seem to understand how to properly put one forward in front of the other to actually move forward, in a straight line, to where they need to go. The problem with this group of people is they have tended to cling to a rebellious spirit that has allowed itself to become too distracted. Too stubborn to listen to sound reason, they’ll continue with an argument that makes sense only to them. There won’t be any effort exercised to cross-reference every angle possible.

Exploiting Weakness

A stubborn mind leads to a weak mind, as it’s closed itself off to become better educated. That stubborn mind leads to a heart made of stone. Hearts of stone will not communicate with the spirit, nor even with the mind. It becomes stagnate, which ultimately starves the human spirit. Over time, even the spiritually immature join the spiritually dull for as long as this dance is exhausting. They will burn themselves out!


The spiritually mature pick a direction and go with it. Whether it be the right one or the wrong one, the one thing they don’t do is go in circles. They will take the time to pay attention to sound advice as it’s instructed to them. Even if the advice makes sense, they’ll even go as far as doing a reference check to confirm its merit.


Variety Is Life

The dance among the spiritually mature seems to have more variety put into it. It’s definitely more lively than the spiritual zombie dance, but it’s not as out of control as the spiritually immature dance. One key observation, however, among the spiritually mature is they have refused to align themselves with anything that bogs them down to an organization. They are, hands down, the most independent members of mankind. It comes as little surprise when the spiritually dull and spiritually immature find themselves loathing the spiritually mature. Whether it be out of envy or confusion, all those who’ve failed to bring the best part of themselves to be where it needs can’t understand why this is so.

Spiritual Understanding

So where do you feel you are, spiritually speaking? Do you find yourself among the zombies who seem dull in spirit? How about among the spiritually immature that just can’t seem to get their act together? Or, perhaps you’re among the lucky who have it all together as your mind, body, and spirit work as one cohesive unit.


Interestingly enough, many who are among the spiritually immature firmly believe they are mature. However, that’s to be expected as this mindset is usually brought about by falling for false information that’s been fed, like religion, to them.


And no, taking yoga classes will not help you reach spiritual understanding either! That, just like religion, is a program. Programs set by other people, regardless if it’s with good intention or bad, are nothing more than that. That spirit that resides within you will not ignite with honesty when someone else tells you how to tap into whatever they’re telling you.


And that’s what spirituality really is about. It’s about honesty. The more honest you are with yourself, kicking out all the distractions that surround you, the more you tap into your spirit. There is not a single person in your life that can properly help you connect with your spirituality. This is something you must do on your own. It’s not always easy because the world we live in is loaded with distractions.


Spiritual World

We hear the term from time to time. Spiritual World. What is it? According to science fiction and related programs, it’s a world that doesn’t confine itself to the limitations of the physical realm. Many consider the spiritual world to be the primary hangout for ghosts and other supernatural entities that are more fluid in movement than us fleshly people.


Occultists love to toy with their concept of what the spiritual world is. Even among religious organizations, there’s much focus on the spiritual realm. On both accounts, the fact is blurred by fiction due to fables told and the imagination going wild.


The bottom line, the spiritual world is what your personal spirit calls home. Do we go there when we sleep? Yes and no. While it is true that while asleep our subconscious may go on some kind of spiritual journey, it’s untrue that the dreams we experience come from the spirit.

Dream Awareness

Many believe dreams and nightmares come from a higher source and that there’s some hidden meaning within them. That, people, is not entirely true! The vast majority of dreams we encounter come from personal life experiences where the mind will go into memory mode and sometimes combine your current emotional state. When this happens, a story plays itself out. The majority of the time, that’s all it is and there’s nothing to read into. So-called dream experts cannot interpret dreams with full honesty! All they can do is provide feedback based on the information you give them. They will tell you their perception of the matter, but that’s all they can do.


The spirit world acts like a network all its own, but the portrayal of it through bad storytelling by worldly influencers, makes it sound like one has to be a medium of some sort in order to access it. This is so wrong! Everybody has access, but for as long as they remain distracted, the spiritual maturity needed in order to properly do so will not be realized.


It cannot be honestly contacted by the various practices promoted by so-called experts. In fact, using this method plays a dangerous game of opening doors no human being in their right mind would want to open. We’re warned of this, many times over, since the very beginning of man’s existence.


The bottom line is the spirit within you is your own! Nobody else can tap into it as you can! Nobody else can understand what it’s trying to tell you, nor can they honestly give you feedback that actually makes sense. It may seem like sound information from them, but it’s just an educated guess.


Your spirituality is your lifeline! How you treat it will depend entirely on how it will treat you back. A healthy spirit that has its priorities in order will remain that way for as long as you continue to shut worldly opinions out and stay true to yourself. Anything less than this and you are setting yourself up for imminent disappointment!


The more mature your spirit is, the better you’re able to express yourself!

Nothing beats the KJV Holy Bible when it comes to honestly explore spirituality!  If you truly want to understand who you are, why you’re on this earth, then there is no other source of information that will be as honest with you as God’s own word!


Don’t be fooled into thinking every English version of the Holy Bible is the same because they’re not!  All but the KJV directly violate God’s own rule about taking out, altering, or even adding to His Word, regardless of their reason!  KJV was translated by William Tyndale with nothing less than pure integrity, something of which none of the other English versions of the bible do!