October 21, 2021

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Suitable Suitcases

All Heart Suitcase

Night Cats Canvas Suitcase by Pioneer Kitty MarketWhat Best Suits You?

When it comes to travel requiring suitcases, do you give much thought to what is most suitable for you?  Or, do you just grab whatever and go?


Are you the type that follows all the fashionable trends?  Or, you go with your own style no matter what?


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Suitcase Styles

Not everybody opts to travel in a suitcase!  Sometimes, just a bag suited for travel is good enough!  Carry on bags, duffle bags, overnight bags and even oversized backpacks seem to do just as well for some travellers!


What option do you most prefer when you travel?  Are your items all stuffed in the exact same luggage of choice?  Or, do you go with whatever works best, according to what your trip needs?



Suitable Suitcase Options

What’s your idea for suitable suitcase options?  Just for kicks, let’s take a journey towards a few different options that come to mind.  And, if you can add some style in the process, why not?  What works best for you?


Blue Fire Backpack
#1 – Backpacks

Apparently, backpacks aren’t just for campers, hikers and students anymore!  They also make ideal travel companions when you’re about to go on a trip that won’t take more than just a few days!


So, with that being said, are you the minimalist who likes to keep things simple, or are you the “hey, look at me!” type?



#2 – Carry On Bags/Suitcases

Sometimes they come in suitcase form, sometimes they look like sports bags!  Apparently, even these are known to make fashion statements on their own, regardless if that’s your intent or not!



Dancing Hearts Duffle Bag by Pioneer Kitty Market

#3 – Duffle/Gym Bags

For some travellers, a duffle bag is good enough!  If it’s just an overnight stay somewhere or a weekend getaway, simply carrying a bag seems more convenient than dragging a suitcase!


Now, if duffle bags are more your style, do you give much thought to their quality level, or do you just grab the cheapest thing money can buy and pray for the best?


In truth, nothing beats quality!  For every ten bargain-basement duffle bags bought, odds are the overall investment in those surpasses the simple cost of buying just one good duffle bag that lasts!



Green Haze Weekender Bag#4 – Overnight Bags

Despite backpacks, carry-ons, and duffle bags easily being able to serve as overnight bags, some travellers beg to differ!  Do you happen to be one of those?




#5 – Suitable Suitcases

Whether it’s an overnight stay, a weekend getaway, or an extended vacation, suitcases are just as versatile as the travel plans themselves!  Coming in every size, shape and style, suitcases definitely fit the bill, no matter what the occasion!


One nice thing about some suitcase options is they also come in sets!  So, if you are the type of person who likes a collection of something that varies in size and usability, then a suitcase set is for you!


However, if you couldn’t care less about collections and sets all sharing the same look, then you likely have no trouble exploring, do you?




Suitability Matters

Regardless of what you do, or where you go, make sure you stick to what best suits you!  While we just had some fun talking about suitcases and travel, the bottom line is your journey is your own!  What you make of it is up to you!

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