January 24, 2022

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Supporting Pioneers

Supporting Pioneers

Why Support Pioneers?

Without supporting pioneers, great nations never would have formed into what many of us still fight for today.  It’s that same pioneering spirit that brings someone from their dark little corners forward as they walk towards the light of success!  Such spirit is contagious, especially among those who want in on the adventure!

Supporting Pioneers By Association

It’s all about community!  Not one person can achieve so much as an ounce of success without associating their efforts among those who appreciate it!  Merchants would not be able to sell to customers without, well, customers!  Customers would not be able to buy anything without someone who can sell it to them!  When the two work together, they form a mutual appreciation that they need each other!


And this is what helps start a community, all of it based on everyone within needing each other to spark positive growth.  Such growth is healthy!  Without it, everything becomes stagnate, like well water.

Supporting Pioneers Through Loyalty

Genuine pioneers will stop at nothing to cater to the needs of all those around them for as long as they’re able to provide it!  Even if they’re new with signs of needed improvement, their desire to do what’s best will remain a priority over simply earning a profit.  Profit means nothing to such pioneers if they cannot win the loyalty of customers who’ve paid them a visit!


In today’s world, we see scores of outlets that’ve installed loyalty programs for their customers.  This is a genius move to ensure they receive repeat business!  And, in return, customers who take part in such loyalty programs receive that needed incentive to keep coming back!  When such a loyalty program exists, it’s definitely a win/win for everyone involved!

Pioneers Supporting Communities

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The founding of nations, along with all the districts, regions, and municipalities that form within, is the direct result of pioneers that have been fueled with an enterprising spirit.  Without such spirit, the territory would remain dull.  The sign of life to bring forth the vibrance needed to develop any type of community always starts with someone who takes a visionary approach to make it happen.  Again, this comes from pioneers!


The official definition of pioneer, according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary; a person or group that originates or helps open up a new line of thought or activity or a new method or technical development.

Pioneers Supporting Pioneers

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Just like communities, pioneers who support fellow pioneers form a network.  The strongest networks always consist of a team of pioneers who fully tap into their ignited spirit to achieve as many of their desired goals as possible!  The most successful pioneers are always those who work with other pioneers, no matter what the endeavor is!


Now, obviously, you have noticed as you’ve read this post, that there have been placements of advertisements.  Each of them comes from whom we like to refer to as pioneers of a kindred spirit!  In other words, they share the exact same vision we do when it comes to pioneers supporting pioneers.  Again, this is essential when it comes to building a community that thrives on all those who fully engage in their pioneering spirit!  Without such spirit, there would be no light!  Without that light, there would be no forward movement!  No forward movement means no development!  And in the end, no development means no progress!  Without progress, there’s nothing!

Progressive Pioneers

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The point behind this post is to ignite that pioneering spirit we know exists within you!  We all have it!  However, not everybody uses it and to us, this is not just sad but tragic!  When you engage in that pioneering spirit you try new things according to how your gut reacts to it!


Let me repeat that…


How your GUT reacts to it!


Not your mind, nor your heart!  Neither is smart enough, or strong enough to understand what your spirit wants!  Your gut, however, does!  Your gut and your spirit are one!  This is what feeds you the nourishment you need to progress forward!  Without it, you’re not a pioneer but rather part of the well water that becomes stagnate.


Have you ever seen what becomes of anything that falls into the dullness of stagnation?  On every single occasion, unless something is done about it, death is imminent!  Whether it be the death of a business, a person, or a community, without progress of any kind everything becomes lifeless.


In conclusion, assuming you favor life, the key to your success in anything weighs entirely upon whether or not you wish to listen to your spirit and move forward.  How you go about it is up to you, but one thing is for certain is moving forward is a must!

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