December 2, 2021

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Supporting the Pioneering Spirit

Supporting the pioneering spirit means one is supporting the freedoms each person has a right to as an individual.  Too often, we take for granted the number of freedoms and liberties that we have access to.  Sadly, we live in a society now where there are mixed opinions about what truly defines freedom and what doesn’t.  At the moment, there are people who hold positions of power that are abusing their authority.  Such people seem to forget that history has a tendency to repeat itself.

Biblical History

The first evidence of an oppressive government sits right in the earliest days of biblical history.  In Genesis, Lucifer found a way to hinder the progress of Adam and Eve by convincing them they’d be earning more rights and freedoms by doing whatever they felt like doing instead of obeying God and his rules.  The couple learned the hard way this was not the case.  Prior to directly disobeying God, they had all the rights, liberties, and freedoms they needed to live out a really good life where there was no ounce of effort required.  However, they didn’t see it that way, much like disobedient children wonder why they can’t access a certain cookie jar when the parent has made it clear no means no.

Test Failure

What Adam and Eve didn’t realize was the rule God gave them to leave the Tree of Knowledge alone wasn’t used as a means to keep them clueless.  This is a lie the devil told them and they believed it.  As much as the odd person would like to roll an eye and say, “how stupid,” bear in mind this is a practice that has continually messed with mankind since the very beginning.  Does one honestly think we’ve learned any better since the day Adam and Eve bit into that apple?

No, we have not!

That tree God placed in front of them wasn’t meant to suppress them as the devil suggested.  It was a test to see what sort of character both Adam and Eve actually had as people.  They were young and inexperienced, much like any human being who has experienced the youthful mischievousness that is a genetic trait that exists in every single human being.  Don’t be fooled!  There are no exceptions to this rule!

All Tested

We are all put to the test whether we see it or not!  Sadly, most of us don’t see those tests for what they are and so, as a result, we fail!  Time and time again mankind continues to fail as the majority can never see the forest through the trees.  Hey, why do you think that infamous cliche is there, to begin with?  Again, going back to the biblical times, from all the written material between Exodus to Joshua, the majority of the Hebrews whom God brought out of Egypt could barely see what was right in front of their face, let alone what treasures were actually waiting for them!  To this day, we still live in a society that has people in it every bit as ridiculous as those ancient Hebrews were.

No wonder only two men from the generation that were taken out of Exodus actually made it through the wilderness and into the promised land!  Only Caleb and Joshua could actually see that forest beyond the trees, as they both knew there was so much more to see than what the limitations of the common, fleshly eye could!

Sins of the Flesh

It is repeatedly mentioned throughout the bible how the spirit is willing to do right at all times, but the flesh is horribly weak.  Relying on temptations of the flesh isn’t strictly some sort of sexual craving to satisfy.  Sins of the flesh come in the form of favoring whatever the eye sees that will trigger both the mind and heart to simply accept whatever is seen at face value.  Way too many people have done this throughout the course of time and it’s something we have yet to ween ourselves from!  Unfortunately, this will never change because, quite frankly, mankind continually forgets each time we make the mistake to leave history behind, we’re doomed to repeat it!

When God wiped out all but a tiny remnant of people off the face of the earth with the great flood, mankind was given the opportunity to do a do-over.  While in the beginning most of them seemed to have it right, all it took was one lineage to run off in their own direction, seeming to forget what sort of historical events took place that resulted in virtually all life on the earth becoming extinguished!

Sins of Forgetfulness

While forgetfulness isn’t listed as one of the seven deadly sins, there are traces of it found in each of them.  In the sin of pride, the person committing it has forgotten what sort of roots he/she originally came from.  That pride turns into arrogance, which causes the person to forget who they really are as a person.

In the sin of greed, whoever is chasing after the almighty dollar seems to forget that money can’t buy happiness.  Sure, it can buy all the luxuries in the world, but can you take that with you when you perish?  How about family and friends that once upon a time were close to you, but were replaced by the dollar signs that were flashing before your eyes?  Truth be told, even among the wealthiest people on the planet who seem to bathe in all the luxuries the world has to offer, it’s easy to see clean through the surface that deep down they’re as miserable as it gets!

The other five sins share the same forgetfulness problem!  The worst of the bunch is the sin of sloth as this is the trait of a person who is too lazy to act, too lazy to think, and even too lazy to care.  There is a reason why Jesus states very plainly in Revelation 3:16 about what becomes of the lukewarm church.  When the time of final judgment is at hand, there will be no regard for this group of people as they are the living examples of what the sins of forgetfulness are all about.

Cracking Shells

Nowadays, it seems some people’s shells are more fragile than ever.  The shells in reference here are their egos.  Again, this falls on the sin of pride and there’s a reason why the cliche “pride before the fall” exists, to begin with!  Satan’s pride caused him to fall from grace.  The pride of the arrogant Egyptians in their attempt to further oppress the Hebrews backfired and they too fell as their vast riches threw them into extreme conditions that took them many years to recover.  When the sin of pride began to swell among the Hebrews who were rescued from these very same Egyptians, they experienced falls of their own.  Along the way, their puffed egos caused a wave of expectation issues as if they had every right to it.  Instead of serving God, who rescued them from every adversity, they repeatedly challenged him as if he was the one that owed them something!

Sound familiar?  This is what’s going on today!  Between certain liberty groups who are the polar opposite of what they claim to be, and those who support them, all the biblical horrors ever covered within the pages of the Holy Bible are being repeated.  What’s happening here is people, once again, are failing to learn from all those mistakes our ancestors have made over the vast stretch of time.  Until this pattern changes, history will repeat itself in the most horrific manner possible!

Ignoring Warnings

It’s not like we weren’t warned!  While I am making quite a bit of reference to the Holy Bible, it should also be pointed out that there is a remarkable amount of archaeological findings, documents, and even scientific proof to add validity to that bible!  Even the events going on today are directly connected to what is written on its pages!  Those who have the eyes to see, and the ears to hear, know this.  The rest, which is at least 70% of the world’s population, don’t!

As was the case during the Great Flood during the days of Noah, as well as the rebellious Hebrews from Exodus, there will be a mass wipeout of at least two-thirds of the human population!  At the moment, the people are being heavily manipulated into becoming something God never meant them to be.  It’s disheartening because it’s all avoidable!

Faith Over Fear

Right now, certain liberty groups, politicians, and other folks who are abusing their influence are repeating history in their own right by committing one bonehead move after another.  Each of them is using fear tactics to continue messing with the people.  All the fiasco revolving around COVID-19 has really shed light on just how far abusive people will go in order to win their way!  Regardless of what side of the argument about the matter you’re on, the bottom line is the whole matter has been badly handled from the very beginning.  Does the fault fall on those who never believed it to be a pandemic and seemed to take the matter too lightly?  Or, does the blame belong to the collection of people who claim to have our best interest at heart have deliberately used this opportunity to use fear as a means to get people to do what they otherwise wouldn’t?

When people are gripped with fear, they will not be in their right frame of mind.  Again, referring back to the bible, it clearly has evidence of people who became so fearful that all attempts they made to save their own lives backfired!  When God finally had enough of the Hebrews’ arrogance, a series of events resulted in both the Babylonians and the Syrians decimating a once-proud population who had it all, including freedom.

Is this sounding familiar?  Does this sound like something happening today?  It should because it is!  Even as the Babylonians, Chaldeans, and Syrians poured their might upon the Hebrews, God gave every opportunity for everyone to smarten up and redeem themselves.  All but a few chose to as they were too afraid of threats that really weren’t this at all and not faithful enough to the one sure thing that would have saved them.  Those Hebrews made the mistake of trusting the wrong savior, who also wound up being on the receiving end of devastation themselves!

The Real Pandemic

The real pandemic that causes more casualties than any form of virus is deception.  Again, this began when the devil deceived Adam and Eve enough to send them down a road they never should have agreed to go on.  This virus has continued to plague mankind and it’s the one that officially kills absolutely everyone in its path.  Not one person is immune!

There’s a reason why the devil has been called the greatest deceiver, and the evidence of just how deep that deception goes is as evident as every breath you take.  Whether you’re a Bible believer or not, the deception is there and it’s everywhere.  So thorough is the deception that way too many people in the world are blindly believing the fables constantly fed to them from every angle by people who are just as deceived as they are.  Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

Many will scoff this conclusion is nothing more than a conspiracy theory drummed up by nut jobs (like me).  Interestingly enough, history has proven over and over that the “nut jobs” had been telling the truth all along in their attempt to warn the masses.  This was the case with Noah before the flood.  Look what happened there.  This was also the case with Moses as he was trying to smarten up his fellow Hebrews who fled Egypt.  Even he perished alongside them as he floundered at the one time where he should have kept his own doubts in check.

The great prophets from the Old Testament, as well as from the New Testament, all came across as crazies in the eyes of the people who were so thoroughly deeply conditioned into the world’s way of doing things.  Every single one of those prophets was mistreated by a population who refused to kick their personal pride to the curb and listen to reason.  Each of them paid the price, as the virus of deception turned into a pandemic of pride that ultimately cost them everything they held dear, including their own lives.

And history continues to repeat itself, even today.

We Were Warned

It’s not like mankind wasn’t warned about this!  As much as people may not want to give the Holy Bible an ounce of credit, all the truths that come from it are as blatant as the lies told by people who’d rather put their belief in publications that contradict it.  This includes giving credibility to certain religious texts that claim to be better.  It was warned, especially in the English-written King James Version, this very thing would happen and how it would mess with the people!  Even among the “elite” as the Bible words it, there would be deception!

This is seen everywhere!  Even among self-proclaimed Christians, whether it’s a Catholic denomination or not, at least two-thirds of its population are following information that is not accurate!  (Not just) Jesus Christ warned of this as he knew this would happen!  Of those who truly have the eyes to see, plus the ears to hear, it really is that obvious!  Unfortunately, they’re the only ones that get it!

Where Are We Going?

The bottom line is unless the eyes are truly opened and the mind is discerning enough to tell the difference between worldly lies and God’s truth, the blind will remain blind.  God says it perfectly when it’s stated the people will perish due to lack of knowledge.  What an interesting analogy!

Isn’t it interesting that the Tree of Knowledge, the very one which the devil convinced mankind to embrace is the very one designed to kill them?  Again, this is proof that deception is the virus that gets into people that ultimately kills them!  And again, nobody is immune!

However, there is a cure to stop the spread of the deadly virus in its tracks!  But, how many of you are willing to go there?  We were shown this through the example of Jesus Christ and that old rugged cross!  Despite this, the deception not only continues despite the obvious but an increased infection of it among the people!

Stop Going The Wrong Way!

In truth, the world right now is in a zombie state!  Everybody following the world’s idea of what works as problem solvers without question is deliberately ignoring all the truths and warning signs that come directly from God’s own Word.  As proof, their backs are indeed turned against Him and Jesus Christ (who are one, by the way), whenever their actions and beliefs are challenged they go on the defensive.  Any attempt to exercise reason will be in vain!  Again, this is mentioned in the Holy Bible and by more than just one source!

Believe it or not, non-believers who’ve never been exposed to the truly credible versions of the Holy Bible (like the KJV) have a better chance to survive this dead world than so-called believers who do believe in Jesus enough to follow Christianity, but not enough to understand the difference between the real deal and the false Christs whom we were all warned about.  Over two-thirds of the churches claiming to follow Jesus are actually following Satan instead!

That’s where the “mystery” Babylon is!  For believers who’d rather follow Jesus Christ instead of the religious factions who claim they do, they can see through the deception.  I know I can!  The question is, can you?

Here’s a hint – if I made you mad as you’ve read this article, then odds are you’re still swimming in the pool of deception you haven’t learned to get out of yet.  I’ve personally seen this pool as I used to be in it myself!  As hard as I tried to get out of it, I eventually learned the only way out was to take the hand of Jesus Christ himself!  There is no other way out!  Mary, mother of Jesus won’t save you, nor any other form of deity!

Dead End

When Jesus Christ stated he is the way, this is not a lie!  In truth, anybody claiming to follow God who gives no credibility towards Jesus is following paths that will ultimately get themselves killed.  I’ve seen this happen, granted in a dream, but I’ve seen it!

Yup, the “nut job” has spoken!

It’s not easy to admit encountering dreams I’ve experienced that feel prophetic by nature.  Since the age of six years old, I have encountered a series of dreams where some have already seen events come to pass while others are unfolding before our eyes right now.  One such event is this COVID-19 pandemic, but it’s not this virus that’s proving to be the real killer.  It’s all the deception that spreads itself exactly as viruses are designed to do!  Am I suggesting COVID-19 isn’t real?  No, I’m not!  I know it is!  I also know COVID-19 is a man-made product, one which the media conveniently covers up as they try to bury previously released news that includes lab break-ins, compromised government facilities, and more.

For people capable of doing the math, they know better than to blindly believe whatever worldly leaders and their media puppets have to say!  Among them who happen to follow Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible, they are far more credible than the world dares to believe!  Just like the prophets of old, the ones of today know what’s coming!  And, just like the prophets of old, they’re trying to warn every man, woman, and child!  Unfortunately, just like the prophets of old, they’re being ignored!

That ignorance is one of the symptoms caused by the virus known as deception.  Ignorance is another word for pride, which rightfully deserves the “pride before the fall” classification!  Sadly, that fall means death, one which nobody is able to escape from!

God’s Vaccine

There is only one vaccine that truly works against the virus known as deception.  It’s even mentioned in the Bible when it’s stated the truth shall set you free!  Once the truth is realized, then embraced for exactly what it is, then you’ve just received the life-saving vaccine you need!  Many will now scratch their heads about this, but science is more simple than the world wants you to believe!

The blood of Jesus Christ, combined with the Holy Spirit, is your personal guarantee that no matter what this world hurls your way you will overcome it!  However, this means you cannot cave in to fear!

When people think of life-saving tactics, too many fail to look beyond the flesh.  This is another example of how deception prevents someone from seeing the forest through the trees.  The flesh is a temporary vessel and nothing more.  The spirit, however, is another matter!  Should anybody reading this also be a fan of Star Wars, remember when Luke Skywalker’s trainer, Obi-Wan, told him his own eyes can deceive him?  While the movie referred to the spirit as “the Force,” our reality is that it’s the Holy Spirit!

Again, the blood of Jesus Christ, combined with the Holy Spirit, is the only thing that can truly save you!  I don’t just say this as some blind believer, but also as someone who has actually “witnessed” this taking place on more than one occasion and not just in dreams!  I’ve seen the sick become healed “miraculously,” as well as the seemingly impossible suddenly become possible!  I know, without doubt, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are as one and are real!

Pioneering SpiritSpiritual Analysis

As odd as it may be for some to fathom, the pioneering spirit and the Holy Spirit have much in common.  Both share the preference of kicking fears to the curb and moving forward.  They also prefer to work with faith, but not blindly!  Both embrace real truth instead of whatever the world expects them to believe.  The finest examples of people who have this beautiful mix of Holy Spirit and pioneering spirit within them are the biblical patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  Before them it was Noah.  After them it was Joseph.

What originally made nations like America great, to begin with, was the pioneering spirit of its earliest settlers before corruption got into the picture to mess everything up.  Even there, as the world becomes darker by the hour, people who hold true to the Holy Spirit also maintain the pioneering spirit that’s been ignited within them.  People having both of these traits in them always find a way to use faith to overcome fear.  Such people never complain, despite the fact they have every reason to, nor do they waste time worrying about what the world expects from them.

People with genuine pioneering spirits care more about how to follow the leading example of Jesus Christ, who continues to leave out the perfect formula for success even unto this day!