Education Does Matter! To succeed in anything, whether it be in business or daily life routines, one needs to be properly educated!  Without that education, all you do is go in circles!  You won’t last long like this!  You will exhaust yourself!   Within this page, you will find sources of educational material that should […]

Frustrated? Is your internet business loaded with frustration?  In the world of doing internet business, nothing is more devastating than pouring time, money, and effort into something in vain!  You know you’ve put together a decent website and you know you have decent content.  However, nobody is giving you the time of day!  And, of […]

Attention Shoppers!

Let’s Go Shopping! People are curious creatures!  They love to shop!  Do you?  I know I do!  Like cats perking their ears, the moment we hear “attention shoppers” we react!   Ecommerce has become more commonplace among the people who have resorted to satisfying their shopping needs.  Thanks to COVID-19, the year 2020 saw a […]