January 18, 2022

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The Truth About ELO Boost

What is ELO Boost?

Many questions are asked about the truth of Elo Boost, Coaching, and the life of a Booster.  Eloboost24‘s explanation revolving around the truths of ELO Boost features a solid host of information gamers need to familiarize themselves with should they be looking into the controversial subject of Elo Boosting.  Also known as eb24, Elo boosting, lol boost, lol boosting, eloboost24, and league boosting, this is a mode of gameplay that is designed to enhance the experience of a player as they enjoy whatever game it is they’re playing.

ELO Boost 24

Booster Characteristics

What Does Elo Boosting Do?

Elo Boost is a service where you can get to a desired rank or tier with the help of a skilled, professional Elo Booster. You can get your Elo boost service by giving your account info to a booster or by going duo with him. This service can be done to multiple games by using multiple types of Elo Boost services.

The necessity to have Elo Boost comes from the fact that a player may have friends or know people that are higher rank and can’t get to those ranks due to lack of time or simply lack enough knowledge about the game.

This is why Elo Boost exists.  Elo Boosters are skilled professionals who help those who are struggling on the game’s ladder, to help them climb up competitively and leave the usual Elo hell.

Is Boosting Legal?

Even though many gamers and owners of gaming platforms consider boosting illegal, only on the Korean Server this is true. Boosting does go against Riot Games’ terms of service since it takes the fun out of their games for those who play competitively on their main accounts.

Riot considers boosting as a way to break the ranked system and the overall hidden MMR system behind it.

Why?  Because Elo Boosting is a service that gets you to climb to a higher rank on the game’s ladder.  This does not only apply to rankings but also in normal circumstances since the MMR of normal games is also correlated with your ranked MMR.

Many say that even if you buy Elo Boost, you’ll end up on the rank you came from. This isn’t completely wrong as you might be demoted if the skill cap on the rank you desired was too high for you as a player while the MMR might still be higher than the one you had before buying Elo boost.

Is Boosting Bad?

As answered above, Elo Boost isn’t illegal but breaks some rules and fundamentals to Riot Games.  But, is it bad?

Imagine that you’re a Gold IV now and you buy boosting to be Platinum II or I, or even Diamond IV. You might demote a few divisions, but you’ll probably still have a better MMR being on Platinum III or IV than when you were Gold IV. This hidden MMR will also pass to your normal games. This means you’ll probably play with players on the same skill level as you.

The fact that all of this happens might create a sense of unfairness. For sure, you have encountered AFK’s and tilted players before, right? It doesn’t come to this point for no reason. If you are feeling comfortable on your skill level and on the rank you’re on it’s less likely that you will rage or AFK since you’ll be playing well.

But, what about those who are actually better players but don’t have time or simply don’t want to put the effort to climb?  This, again, raises the question is Elo boosting a bad thing? Probably not because you’ll enjoy the game way more since you’ll be on a better rank for your skill capacity.

Can I Get Banned for Elo Boosting?

According to Riot Games, you can be banned for Elo Boosting. You will typically see a massive ban wave near the end of every season as this is their way to punish those who have tried to climb the ladder by buying Elo boost.

The reason they make these massive ban waves is because of a new AI that helps them find accounts that climbed too fast according to their algorithms.

The problem with these bans is the fact that they are too obvious.  In fact, the actual ban rate for boosting is less than 0.2% but since they do these and ban a lot of people at once it makes it look like it’s a big thing and that Riot is putting an end to Boosting.  But, this simply isn’t the case.

There is always a sense of uncertainty from those who have old League accounts and have invested a lot of money in skins and cosmetics. Of course, it doesn’t feel good when you get your account banned after spending so many years building it, as well as earning all your favorite skins and champions.

The odds of getting your account banned are usually low, especially with Eloboost24 since we even use a VPN for your account security. Through this method, Riot’s algorithm can’t detect if it is you or someone else since it will be in the same country. Also, let’s not forget that on Duo Boost you play on your own account so that doesn’t even violate anything since you can play with a booster and it can simply be a friend in the eyes of the algorithm.

How To Avoid Getting My Account Band By Elo Boost

The way to avoid getting banned is quite simple. The first step is to be very careful about your Elo Boost involvement.  The best bet, avoid mentioning it to League’s client.

Another step is to take the Duo Boost path as you will be safer this way. You will play on your account but even if you don’t have enough time to play much and prefer to get a skilled professional Elo Booster on your account, you should specify the order and select the same roles you play, as well as the same champions and even the same flash position. This will make it irreconcilable for Riot’s algorithms to detect since the VPN will also be in the same country you play in.

If you don’t play many ranked games per day, you can also ask the Elo Booster to play only a few games each day.  This way it doesn’t look so suspicious, such as playing ten or more games per day when you usually play approximately five for months or years.  A sudden, big difference like this may be an event that could trigger Riot’s system to check your account activity for the next months.  In order to avoid the potential of a restriction or ban, the less attention you draw to your account even with the Elo boosts the better.


Earn Money By Playing League

The answer to that question is yes, but only if you’re good enough to do it.

To earn money by playing League, you would have to qualify yourself as a “Booster.” An Elo Booster is a player who ranks the accounts of others in exchange for money.

However, not everyone can be a Booster.  Boosters need to be highly skilled at the game and play at the highest end. Usually, the majority of the Boosting websites are looking for players that are AT LEAST Diamond 1 on League.

Becoming Diamond 1 on League isn’t for everyone, which is why Boosters exist and those who buy boost. There is nothing wrong with purchasing boost as clarified above., but this isn’t the point we’re bringing up right now.

The point is only players high enough can carry games more consistently and get the highest results in the long run. This is why almost all Boosting websites ask for high Elo players, especially due to the fact that by paying for boosting, which is a service like any other, the booster and the company that hired the Booster need to provide the expected results.

If a company hires someone lower, the chances of the player failing or providing worse results and performance rise exponentially. This is a risk that companies can’t take nor do those who buy boosting. This is the reason why only high Elo players can become Boosters and to that extent, earn money by playing League.

How To Earn Money Playing League

If you are good enough and a high Elo player, the way to get money to play League is easy. What you need to do is apply to all the Boosting websites that have spots open for new Boosters. Keep in mind that you might not get called by some websites as there may be Boosters better qualified than you that may get the spot instead of you.  It’s really no different than applying for a regular job.

You should try to know the prices of the website and learn how the payment is done with the Boosters.  What are the payment methods each website uses to pay its Boosters?  How popular is the website? You will not get as much money from a site that doesn’t have enough recognition compared to a popular one. You need to gather as much information as possible, then apply to as many as you can to increase your odds of landing a job as a Booster.

Some websites are more restrictive and have more rules than others.  Regardless, always follow their rules and provide the expected results that are asked. Don’t forget that most sites won’t tolerate flame nor misbehavior from your side as a Booster. If that happens, you will likely be removed from the Boosting team and flagged against by the administrators of that website.

Can I Get Boosted For Free?

The odds of getting a boost for free now are very low now that the industry has grown so much in the last few years. However, you can still grab deals on forums like Elite PVPers where Boosting websites offer some type of free game to new customers.  Sometimes, independent players that need to better brand themselves will be there.

The best chance of getting a free boost is from a promotion made by Boosting websites.  Either that or you’re fortunate enough to have a high Elo friend that is willing to help you climb for free. There are multiple ways to get a cheaper price as the market for Boosting is a big one that continues to grow.  This means there is the beauty of choice where you can explore until you find an Elo Boosting service that works for you.  Also, ask your friends that are also looking for help from skilled players.  Look into chat and message forums, or review pages like Trustpilot or Google reviews.

The internet is full of information and data/reviews from other players that can help you check the best prices or even get a free boost if you meet the requirements for it! Start looking for all the deals, you’ll save way more money with it than by randomly buying from unknown websites.

Is Boosting Expensive?

Even with the Boosting services in high demand among the League community, we can also see the prices lowering since there are more Boosting websites competing with each other for you, the customer.

At the beginning of the Boosting industry, prices were considered high since not everyone would be able to provide the service asked for. Today, we can see that prices are starting to come down.  While some sites still have higher rates, they often run several promotions as rewards for those who buy from them as a means to obtain and maintain customer loyalty.

Elo Boosting prices are currently where they are unlikely to drop much further.  However, they won’t increase anytime soon due to the competition between Boosting websites.

How To Buy Elo Boosting

You can buy Elo Boost in multiple ways as previously stated. The most recommended is through a professional, recognized by a Boosting website.

Reputable Boosting websites are the best source to get your service done fast and with the best performance. Finding websites like this is easy.  In fact, Eloboost24 is one of them.  You can look them up through reviews on sites where people are talking about their Boosting services.

We always recommend the ones that have the highest rating on reviews on multiple platforms. Even if those websites have higher prices, the chance of getting the best service is guaranteed and you know you will not be disappointed.  Paying for cheaper Boosting services on a random Boosting website may lead to disappointment.  In some cases, refunds due to unsatisfactory service may not be issued.

How Do I Pay For Boosting?

Since Elo Boosting is a virtual service, most of their websites only accept virtual payments such as Bitcoin or similar. The standard payment options to pay for Elo Boost are the same as for any online product or service available for purchase online.

Some sites may offer more specific payment methods for your country.  This depends on how the website’s commerce structure has been set up with its hosting service.  In some cases, the products and services offered may only be restricted to the nation that’s offering them.

Elo Boost is a virtual service, so the odds of this website having the payment method you prefer are big. Elo Boost websites aim to acquire as many payment methods as possible to accommodate as many countries as possible.

Which Payment Methods Can I Use To Buy Boosting?

You can pay for Elo Boost through multiple methods.  Between credit card, bank transfers, or PayPal. Each website will offer you the multiple options they have available, according to your country, and you’ll be able to select the best one for you.

Even though there are not many payment methods that one person can use, nowadays most websites try to reach all the available methods so any customer can get their Elo Boosting service using their best payment method.

Most websites will support credit cards, instant bank transfers, PaySafeCard, and PayPal.


Is Duo Boosting Safe?

All Boosting services proven credible are safe.  Do your homework and check for this whenever coming across a Boosting website.  Unless there is enough information to go on between reviews and consumer reports, don’t touch them. Professional Duo Boosting services are safer because you play on your account and simply go duo with a professional player.

Facts have proven Duo Boost is safer, but it is recommended to always increase that safety level by verifying the Boosting website’s security plans for your account.  This applies to any service you’re planning to buy.

Do Boosters Have Schedules?

The way Boosters work on each website may vary but from what we’ve seen from personal experience, as well as research from other websites, Boosters can choose when to work and when are they available to provide their services.

The reason why Boosters have their schedules and no specific rule restricting them about it is the fact that many Boosters either have a job or are students. Boosting websites don’t inflict specific schedules as, like you, Boosters have lives to live too.

Usually, Boosters use their extra free time to provide Elo Boosting services and try to earn a little bit of coin in the process. Those who work as Boosters as a full-time job are the most active, as well, and those who work the most on providing the best Elo Boosting services.

Is Boosting Customizable?

Depending on which Elo Boost website you want to buy from, each one has its own service platform. Some of them offer full customization included in the price while others offer it as a paid feature.

It all depends on what website you’re buying from. The big rule of thumb is they all offer some kind of customization. Maybe it won’t be the whole package you wanted but you will find a good deal within all these Boosting websites.

We always recommend looking for sites that offer the maximum customization possible for your Boosting needs if you don’t want your friends to find out or look suspicious to them.

Can My Booster Play My Champions?

If you buy an Elo Boosting service that is solo, you can select what champions do you want your booster to play on your account. Keep in mind this feature may or may not be exclusive, so you’ll have for those specifications.

We know some Boosting websites offer this feature for free while you’re selecting your Elo Boost.  Some make it an option in case you don’t mind with it.  If you do, you simply pay an extra fee to the full price of your Elo Boost service.

Even with the paid option, you can still grab a promotion from these Boosting websites and they’ll offer it as part of their promotion.

How Can I Watch League of Legends Live?

If you want to watch your Elo boosting service live, you can always use op.gg or through another account should you have one. If you simply want to watch League of Legend players live, we recommend using streaming platforms like Twitch or YouTube.

Both these platforms offer a bunch of live streams that you can watch and learn. Often, you can find a high skilled player streaming or an important tournament hosted by Riot.

Luckily, we have internet and so, there are a bunch of streamers and players able to show you their games and skill.


How Do I Improve on League of Legends?

There are multiple ways to improve.  There are tons of information about League and how to improve playing it. The best way is to have someone that is highly skilled at the game to teach you.

There are reasons why it’s better to be coached. First, you get to know your own strong and weak points. This is something you wouldn’t know if you were going to look up something by yourself since there may be something else that you didn’t think about that may cause complications down the road.

Coaching is useful since you will learn a lot about the game, including your main champions and their roles. It is recommended coaching services for those who are looking to improve at League.

Can I Get Coached for League of Legends?

Yes, you can. There are multiple websites that offer coaching services, including ours. Among them, you can learn a lot and see an improvement in your games. The way to find those websites is the same as looking for Elo Boosting services.

You may find it hard but if you look around on Google or Reddit, you will find a lot of websites that offer to coach.  It is recommended to look for reviews of that site so you know if you’re paying for good quality coaching services or not.

Is Coaching Expensive?

From our research, coaching prices, just like Elo boosting services prices, have been dropping over time and so now the prices are quite affordable and low!

Low prices help everyone since you may get 1h coaching for maybe 10 EUROS, a very useful hour for a very low price. And usually, the websites that offer coaching services, also have promotions related to coaching so you may try your luck and get a better discount or a free hour or a better deal!

The best thing to do is to look up everywhere and research all the prices and websites while also checking their reviews and services already provided, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed if you do these steps!

Can I Buy Coaching for League?

Yes, you can. There are multiple websites offering not only Elo Boosting services but also coaching services. You need to do the research and see which prices and services are best for your budget.  Since prices are similar to each other, site for site, you need to find the best deal for you. Grab the best coaching website you can find and you should see considerable improvement.  This has already been tried, tested, and true.

And don’t worry, coaching is totally fine by Riot and League. We know some people think that boosting and coaching is bad because of Riot but we know it isn’t.  So, you can feel safe and watch your improvement in the League as it progresses.

Being A Booster

How to Become a Booster

The way to be a booster is simple. As previously stated, you need to have the necessary skill and ability to apply yourself as a Booster. Each Boosting website has its own requirements and you need to verify all of them before applying. Only the best Boosters according to each website’s needs will be accepted, so you need to make sure you and that site would make a good fit.

Assuming that you can be qualified as a Booster, you should apply to every website you can find and wait for someone to contact you. There are plenty of websites and a large demand for League of Legends Boosters.

The rise of the League of Legends on the e-Sports scene created a huge demand for Boosting services. This is why you’ll get a spot on one of the websites that are currently working in this field. We looked this up and dozens of websites are currently hiring more Boosters and high skilled players to join their Boosting teams in a way to improve their Elo Boosting services.

How Boosters Get Paid

Each Boosting website has its preferred payment method to finance its Boosters.  This can either be by bank transfer, or to your Skrill or PayPal accounts, whichever one you have.  It varies from site to site.

Most websites give their Boosters the option to choose how they want to receive their payment for all the work that they have done. The most common we’ve seen is bank transfer, due to the fact that is more efficient for most people.

To get paid from your Boosting services, you’ll need to be informed by the website that hires you, which they will do.

How Much Do Booster Earn?

Boosters are usually paid by how much they work. Usually, Boosters will come up with their own schedule and workload,  according to whatever the boosting services are available/required.  There are multiple ways to maximize your income while being a Booster.

As it is determined how many and which orders you complete, you can already make a small calculation of what you will earn according to your average rank boosting. The higher you boost, the higher you’ll earn. High Elo Boosters, who provide boosting services in or above Diamond earn the most due to their value compared to Boosters who aren’t there, at least not yet.

Even as a lower-paid Elo Booster, there are multiple ways to achieve the same income as the higher-paid ones.  Through one proven method, Boosters will play on a Solo Boost order while also Boosting a Duo Boost customer.  This enables them to make double the money than simply playing a single Solo Boost order.

What’s the Salary of a Booster?

As a Booster, you can earn a lot of money.  It isn’t uncommon to earn anywhere between 700 EUR to 1000 EUR per month. Boosting can become a regular job for some Booster players, and in some cases, a high-paying one.

The salary satisfaction as a Booster will depend on the location of the Booster. For example, Boosters from countries that are less developed or have lower job salaries may consider Boosting as an awesome financial perk.  At the same time, Boosters that already earn a decent wage in their own eyes, or living in a country where living expenses are higher, the financial gain may not seem so great.

It boils down to perspective.  However, it also boils down to how much time you wish to invest as a Booster and how skilled you are to be a Booster in high demand.  If this is you, then let it be known Eloboost24 is also looking for Boosters.  Do you feel you have what it takes to work with us?

Boosting as a Job

Boosting is a job, just like any other.  Like all jobs, there are pros and cons when choosing to become a Booster.

One big pro is the freedom to work from your own home.  Another good pro is you can set your own hours and decide for yourself who is worthy of your valuable time.  Plus, you are the boss who can dictate how you want your day to go as a Booster.  There won’t be anybody looking over your shoulder, scrutinizing your every move.

There are also some cons to consider, too.  Although you do get to be your own boss with your own set of rules, you still have to answer to someone, especially if that someone is the one responsible for your financial gain.  They will have a set of rules of their own you need to follow.  If it works for you, great.  If it doesn’t, either learn to deal with it or find another option to earn a source of income.  Even from home, if you’re unhappy with what you’re doing, it will reflect in your job performance and it will be noticed.  This is listed as a con because not everybody likes to follow the rules.

Helpful Tips

Can I Play in Offline Mode?

Yes, you can. Playing in offline mode won’t affect your gameplay. The only real difference is you won’t appear online among your friends.  They will not be able to see you nor communicate with you.

Using offline mode is very common on Elo Boosting since many customers don’t like to be seen playing by their friends while in the middle of an Elo Boost service. Some Boosting websites charge extra for this, but some will simply consider it as part of the service and not charge for it at all.  For you as a player, if you want the offline mode option, learn from the Boosting websites you’re visiting how they go about it.  Always verify first before proceeding.  The last thing you want is to face extra charges for something you wanted you didn’t expect to pay, assuming it was already part of the deal.

How to Become Invisible from Friends on League

In order to become invisible so your friends on League don’t see you is to set your settings into offline mode.  To do this, open your Command Prompt as an administrator. From there, copy and paste the following text;

  • netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name=”lolchat” dir=out remoteport=5223 protocol=TCP action=block
  • elo boost turn off lol chat

Once the text shown has been entered, press the enter button to proceed.  Make sure you are not logged into your League Client when you do this. This will work on ALL SERVERS, as we have already tested this ourselves.

Should you wish to go back online so you and your friends can see each other, simply close your League Client and open your Command Prompt as administrator again.  This time, however, add this text;

  • netsh advfirewall firewall delete rule name=”lolchat”
  • elo boost turn on lol chat

After that, press enter and you’re back online.

How Elo Boosters Win Games

The way that Elo Boosters win their games is done by the following methods; Be Diamond 1 (minimum), Practice, Duo with another Booster, Play an OP role, or with an OP champion.

To be a Booster you need to be a very skilled player, which means you’ll win a lot of games in lower Elo. Being skilled and having an OP champion to play with, makes the job a thousand times better and easier for Elo Boosters to win and finish orders.

We know that it may not look that simple, but it is. Boosters usually go duo with another Booster so they can stomp from two roles in the same game and snowball for an early win. It makes Boosting way faster and makes them earn way more per hour than if they play alone.

The New Meta on League

There is no such thing as “the new meta” since League is always updated and patched every 2 weeks. There is always good meta on League and there are always OP champions/roles too.

The Meta on League switches very fast and so there is never a stable meta that is established in the game, which makes League so fun to play. Since it’s always changing, every one can simply enjoy the ride.

Also, the Meta changes for each role so we can’t say that there is the “new meta” in League. If we were to describe the Meta on League as a whole it is a lot of fighting in early games, plus following objectives like drakes. Herald and Turret platings are very strong precious now to help develop your in-game experience.

Do Patches Affect Boosting?

While patches may change the meta, it will depend on what the patches are designed to do.

Patches may “shake” some OP champions abused by some Boosters, but they will adapt to the new changes from the patch.  They will also find another OP champion to abuse and win the games again. As patches can shake some champions, they can also bring some “dead” or weaker champions from the ashes.

The answer to this question can go both ways. Patches can affect a specific Booster because the main champion may either become nerfed or buffed.  If a champion gets nerfed, Boosters will adapt and find another way to win games using other champions. The same happens when a champion gets buffed as Boosters will simply enjoy the ride and go for broke, so to speak.

How to Get Out of Elo Hell

The first step is to acknowledge that we’re stuck and that it may or may not be our team’s fault.  Should one feel stuck, ask yourself the following questions;

Am I playing a meta champion?
Do I have a good champion pool?
Am I dying too much?
Do I flame while playing?
Am I taking breaks between games?

These are important questions to ask, even if they don’t seem to make sense. But, you can only control yourself when playing so flaming is a big NO-NO to climbing. It will cause a restriction against your account that can lead to becoming banned.  There is no room anywhere for something too negative for the overall good.

The way to improve is to look around and see where you are going wrong. Why are others climbing and not you? Is it because you’re playing a non-meta champion? Is it possible your main champion doesn’t measure up to the League’s meta standards?

There are opportunities to improve. It starts by looking at your champion pool.  See if any of them fit the meta mold.  Then have a look to see what the Pro Players play.  Who among them has the highest win rate at the moment? If you are not playing any champion that is on the meta-list now, this is where you need to start making improvements.

If you’re playing meta champions but still seem stuck, perhaps you are misjudging the role or champion. For example, you can’t play a peel champion like Lulu or Janna and be on the front line of a fight.  You will die instantly and ultimately lose the game because of it. You need to know your champion’s strengths and weaknesses.  From there, learn how to position them so you can reduce the disappointment of defeat by enemy teams who are preventing you from winning games.

These are just a few things you can try that may help you improve.  However, if you still see you can’t climb, we know that coaching from a skilled player will help you.  Boosters who are good at what they do have the expertise to do more than play on your behalf to improve your stats.  They can help you learn the skills you need to do what they can do.

Boosting Conclusion

While some gamers may see Elo Boosting as an unethical means for players to advance in a game, others see it as a helping hand needed.  Not every gamer has several hours to devote to a favorite game, especially one that’s as involved as League of Legends.  Before Boosting became a “thing,” it wasn’t unusual for couples, friends, and even gaming colleagues to help each other boost the gaming experience for each other.  So, was it such a big deal then?  If not, why should it be now?  Is it because there is now a business revolving around Elo Boosting?  Most of the products and services that exist today had their start not much different than Elo Boosting.  We live in an age now where there is a service for everything, so why not in gaming?

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