October 21, 2021

Pioneer Spirit Market

Ignite that pioneering spirit within!

Um, What The Woof?

Um, What the Woof?


That’s our way of saying hello!  While it says Pioneer Kitty Market, we dogs aren’t ignored from their product content because of it!  According to Mama Kitty, we matter too!  Yup, with her, our “woof” matters!


Woof You! Elvis Emoji Doggy T-Shirt by PioKit Designs, courtesy of Pioneer Kitty Market


Woofly Speaking…

People aren’t the only ones who like to show off a bit of fashion flair.  We do too!  See?  (Yeah, you can click on the link if you want to learn more!)  When we show off we like to keep it simple, but cute too!


Also, in addition to doggy shirts, there are also collars and ID tags that are both functional and fashionable at the same time!  Now, is that cool or what?


Wait!  Not cool?  What are you?  A cat?  Don’t worry, it’s not called Pioneer Kitty Market for nothing, you know!

Woof It Down!

Annabelle's Cookies, courtesy of Pioneer Kitty Market

There’s also pet food, pet treats, and pet wares, all of which put the needs of your furry friend as a priority!  We also carry a solid supply of healthier, more natural alternatives to pet hygiene and medical care.


But, that’s not all!  Did you know that when you sign up with Pioneer Kitty Market as a subscribing member, you position yourself to earn PURRks!  Each PURRk you earn inches you closer to earn Kitty Bucks, which you can then use towards product purchases for additional savings!  (As if the coupon codes and free shipping offers aren’t enough!)


And, if you sign up as an affiliate, you position yourself as a Pioneer Kitty Marketeer!

More Woof For Your Buck!

Pioneer Kitty Market carries far more than its own product line.  Because there’s the desire to bridge independent designers with consumers (like you!), there’s a catalog of products from suppliers from all over the world!  Here’s just a taste of what they’ve got!


Pippa Bomber Jacket for Dogs (courtesy of Pioneer Kitty Market)


Again, Woofly Speaking…

I know all of this seems cartoonish, but all kidding aside, Pioneer Kitty Market means serious business!  The entire Kitty Krew takes you seriously as a person and not just some random customer!  They actually put people (and animals) first instead of mere profit.  Not every business can honestly make this claim!


Approximately 10% of all sales generated within the Pioneer Kitty Market site go towards charitable causes that also focus on people and animals first.  In truth, Pioneer Kitty Market doesn’t really care to make much money for itself.  Between the charitable donations, operations costs, and affiliate payouts, they don’t really seem to care about making much for profit.  Their cares are placed elsewhere, which makes them pretty cool in our books!  They also happen to be part of our Pioneer Spirit NetworkSubscribe and place yourself a monthly chance to win $250 of their Kitty Bucks!


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