October 23, 2021

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What A Pain In The Neck!

Pain in the neckThe infamous cliche “what a pain in the neck!” no doubt earned its name as being more than just a phrase we use when something (or someone) gets on our nerves!  When we do experience that feeling that literally puts our neck in a chokehold of pain, we’re not happy about it!

Pain Relief

Big money is spent on headache medications, pain relievers, chiropractors, massage therapists, and physiotherapists just to deal with neck pain.  The majority of the time the pain relief is, at best, temporary.  This means repeat visits, repeat prescriptions, and a repeating cost of money that winds up becoming a real pain in the neck metaphorically!


More people deal with neck pain than any other part of the body!  That same neck pain can also be associated with headaches, migraines, back pain, shoulder pain, and oral pain.  So much money is blown on products and services that, again, are mediocre solutions at best!

Traditional Neck Massagers vs. Intelligent Neck Massager

The traditional physical massagers can only work on the surface.  At best, they may temporarily relieve the neck pressure that is causing the discomfort and/or pain you’re experiencing.


While this may work as a short-term solution, it really doesn’t get to the root of the problem.  You can do better than this!

The intelligent electronic neck massager uses a pulse current to help strengthen your blood circulation.  This will reduce neck pain, shoulder pain, and migraines.  These are the three most common issues among sufferers who need more than a simple neck massage!

(Note: Electronic pulse therapy is not effective in short-term use, it is recommended to stick to long-term use.)

Neck Massager With Heat

The intelligent neck massager features a built-in heating function, which can maintain up to a 107.6°F temperature.  This warm compress technique is as comfortable as sporting a hot towel.  Without, of course, getting wet!

It has an interior sensor program, which can control the temperature precisely.  This means you control how much heat you want to take.   The independent button is preserved so you can switch the heat function between off and on separately.  And, if you still don’t care for this particular function, just turn it off!

3 Modes – 15 Levels of Intensity

  • Press the button for 3 seconds to start.
  • Press the “heat” button to turn on/off heat mode.
  • Press the”mode” button to switch between the options of massage, knead, and acupuncture.  Do you have a favorite?
  • Press “+” or “-” to adjust the massager strength level.  There are 15 different levels of intensity to choose from.
  • The neck massager has a 15-minute auto-off function to ensure you have a safe massage experience.

Practical and Convenient

Because the intelligent neck massager is of portable design and is cordless, you can take this anywhere you go!  You can take it to your job site so you can use it if needed, or you can simply keep it at home.  It also makes a great travel companion!


In order to bring a comfortable massage experience, it has to be light enough.  So, this massager only weighs 0.36 lbs!  This means it’s even lighter than most smartphones!  And, the battery has a large capacity, which makes it able to work 10 days after being fully charged.


You Need To Know

The intelligent neck massager gives out mild and gentle pulsating vibrations through the contact sheets.  It is normal if you have a feeling of slightly electric shock when using it.

CAUTION! If you have metal implants or pacemakers, because this neck massager runs on electricity, using it may cause disruption with any implants you already have installed in your body.  It is highly advised you read the manual before using this product!

Product Specifications:

You have a choice between the colors of dark blue, pink, or white.  What is your favorite?

  • Size – 142x130x60 (mm)/
  • 5.59×5.43×2.36 (in)
  • Material – ABS+304 Stainless Steel
  • Weight – 160 g
  • Charging Mode – USB
  • Voltage Parameters – DC5V-1A-5W
  • Built-in Lithium Battery Capacity – 450 mAh

Massage duration recommendation – 15 minutes per day

If you want PKK Health’s Intelligent Neck Massager, you can PICK ONE UP HERE!

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