October 21, 2021

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So, What’s The Word?

So, What's The Word?

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Story Time – The Word

Scrabble Deluxe EditionOnce upon a time, in what sometimes feels like a lifetime away, I was a very serious Scrabble word player within a competitive league. I competed in tournaments, fast climbing the ranks from beginner to intermediate and then expert. This was all done within one year!


From start to finish, I made key observations that apply to the here and now every bit as much as it did when I competed against each opponent I came face to face with.


What’s The Word? Placement!

Looking back, I played extremely fast games that frustrated anybody who came up against me! Granted, I didn’t win every game, but I didn’t make things easy for my opponent either!  If they’re going to beat me, they had to be fast and methodical!


The truth of the matter is, I’m not that good of a Scrabble player! I’m not a genius who has a catalog of words in my head that will force you to go to a dictionary to figure out what I just spelled out. What I did, however, was use smaller words!  I would place them where I almost always scored at least two words instead of just one!  On many occasions, I would spell four words with just a few letters and rack up the points!


It was all about placement!


Also, when it came to competitive Scrabble, our games had a chess clock where each player had a total of 20 minutes to play their rounds off each time it was their turn.


So, when it’s my turn and I’m done, I punch my clock and the race is on for the other player to do as I did.


Quite often I won my games because I forced the opponent to run out of time to continue playing! I moved too fast for their liking and I was too “poker-faced” that made them nervous!


And here’s why…


Too many of my opponents spent too much time trying to find the perfect word that would give them more bang for their buck! Because they do this, the clock is ticking and they’re wasting too much time dwelling on one keyword they hope will give them big points!



What’s The Word? Simplicity!

My gameplay was simple, really. I learned to read the board for as many scoring opportunities as possible! I’d see to it to find at least two good spots. So, when it’s my turn to play and the clock is ticking, my move is usually done in literally as fast as one second!


I didn’t care for fancy words! My objective was to keep it simple and use the time to my advantage. It was rare I would ever be stuck to place a word against my opponent!  In fact, I often blocked my opponents with my multi-word placements!  Whatever dream word spot they thought they could use I wound up destroying!  This proves that your chosen word isn’t always your guarantee that it will be your winning word!



What’s The Word? Keywords!


So what does my Scrabble story have to do with this blog? How is it relevant?


It’s about words! Keywords to be exact!

I’ve found, since my time with Wealthy Affiliate, that coming up with that perfect keyword is not how you get your content noticed! Before them, I was making costly mistakes with the tags I chose as keywords! I cost myself time, money, and energy on making the same mistakes my opponents did when they played against me in those Scrabble games!


Instead of dwelling so much on the perfect word, Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy helped steer me back to my old Scrabble player mentality. Again, it’s not about coming up with that one perfect word! It’s about making even the simplest word you’ve got and use it like a cannon!



Keep It Simple!

One such example of this is a product line I have labeled as Dancing Hearts. Before WA, I was trying to figure out how to score high on the SEO ranks with tags revolving around my product line. I focused so much on finding the perfect word that I didn’t give enough regard to just keeping it simple and let something like the Jaaxy keyword engine do the work for me!


So, if anyone is struggling to find the perfect word to describe their content for the best possible SEO rankings, my advice is don’t! Instead, simply copy down all the words related to what you’ve got.  Then, from there, apply that to Jaaxy’s search bar and watch it go to work!


Going back to my example of Dancing Hearts, what I did was instead of using the perfect keyword options for that product line I simply broke it up and did two simple word searches using Jaaxy. From there, their program gave me keyword options I hadn’t considered before.


Simply Worded

Immediately after applying what Jaaxy showed me from these two simple words separately, I wound up with a flurry of keyword tags!  This took my product line from barely noticeable to highly visible!  Awesome!


I also did mesh the two words together and got good results out of that. But, the goldmine came from the items within my Dancing Hearts product line!  Also awesome!


For instance, in the pic of the lady wearing the beanie, all the keywords I used with Jaaxy were these;

dancing hearts
winter hats


I kept it simple, word for word!  Actually, when I attempted the dancing hearts as a keyword search, the results were not as fruitful as the others!


Now granted, success in what I’m doing doesn’t happen overnight! It takes time! However, that time can be reduced if you work smarter instead of harder with what you’ve got!


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