October 23, 2021

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Which Wolf Are You?

Which Wolf Are You?

Which Wolf?

Before answering the question, “Which wolf are you,” please learn the real story between the two wolves!  This sheds a much better light regarding the tale between the black (evil) wolf and the white (good) wolf!


Facts vs. Tales

In truth, you cannot pour all your attention on one and completely ignore the other! Doing so only caters to half of your true self, thus denying yourself to achieve your full potential! Not only does this philosophy come from the Cherokee, but even from the Holy Bible!


Granted, the biblical version doesn’t involve something as definitive as wolves, nor any other creature from the animal kingdom, but it does stress the importance to recognize who you really are! Many times over, when Jesus found himself in debates against the religious leaders who questioned him, he’d throw their attempt to use what Moses laid out as law straight back into their faces! He did this with facts of what is, instead of philosophies that came from the first Babylonian Age.


The biggest problem shared among the likes of the Pharisees is the same that still exists today. There is a false belief that we need to embrace only half of ourselves and ignore the other half. Even Jesus himself stated in Mark 10:18 that there is nobody good, except for God!


Now, taking that into consideration, how is it possible for each person to properly admit there is a good side to them and a bad side? Truth be told, every single member of the human race are literally a mixed breed of mutts!


No Halves!

There is not one person better than the other, nor is there a single wolf that is better than the other! Everyone is truly equal! Color makes no difference, nor does ancestral roots! While the world is so determined to suggest otherwise, this is still that same core truth nobody can deny, regardless if they’re a Bible believer or not!


Every creature, regardless if it’s a man or an animal, is born with spirit. Without it, there is no life! So, in order for one’s spirit to thrive so that you can reach your maximum potential, you must feed all of it! There are no halves! The foolishness to feed one half and ignore the other is literally starving your spirit (which is one entity), and this will speed up its demise, and the rest of you along with it!

Which wolf are you?Be Whole! (Not Half!)

Just as the two wolves need each other, so do you need every ounce of your spirit to work together so that you can become the best version only you can produce!

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